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  1. ArpFlush

    WTB Crypto domain names for sale

    Hi all, I have 3 crypto domains for sale: - 4BTC.be - cryptoland.be - cryptoland.nl When interested you can send me your offer via their webpages. Thanks!
  2. ArpFlush

    MN + coin control

    Hi, I have 3 questions concerning coin control (CC) 1. Is it a good practice to activate cc on a masternode? 2. Is it safe to send some DASH (other then the 1000) to another wallet when cc is on? 3. Guess it won't be a problem if I activate cc now (my MN is up and running for some months now)...
  3. ArpFlush

    DASH + Windows10

    Hi guys, Is the wallet compatible with Windows 10?
  4. ArpFlush

    MN update from Darkcoin to Dash local & server

    Hi all, Can you correct me if I'm wrong (Thanks to Qwizzie from BTCtalk) Edited after suggestions UdjinM6 (thanks) and the updates I did. It seems to work now :) Update local PC Windows wallet (where your 1000 coins are stored) 1. close and backup darkcoin client and data directory 2. Rename...
  5. ArpFlush

    Not Yet Redeemed coins

    Hi all, Someone send me darkcoins to my wallet but it appears I can't redeem them. I can't post a link yet to the blockchain due to new account. Meanwhile I reinstalled my wallet ( on Macbook OSX Yosemite), deleted peers.dat, reindexed but still no coins. What can I or the sender do...