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    Dash & Segwit

    Is Dash going to adopt segwit or not?
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    Masternode owners going to jail?

    Masternodes are doing mixing as they are coinjoin servers. They are also not-private and the owners can be identified via public IP addresses (at the very least, the host can be and instructed to shut down). What will masternode owners do when they start being charged with illegal money...
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    Dash needs to implement Lightening Network

    Bitcoin is currently working on the implementation of a lightening network which will be a powerful component of scaling. However, Bitcoin lacks the tools that Dash has to make it a truly good experience and decentralized. This is an opportunity for Dash. The issue with the lightening network...
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    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    I love Dash and may be back as an investor at some point, but I the last few weeks I have had to sell all my holdings and look to greener pastures. Part of the reason can be seen in this thread here: Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous. Sorry for this...
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    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    It is time to quit playing around with fungibility / anonymity of the coin. Dash was released as Darkcoin with the promise of true anonymous payment. It has failed to provide anonymity and fungibility almost 2 year later. The mixing technology of Dash is not good enough. It is slow, expensive...
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    Idea: Spread Dash via Tipping in Real Life

    The best marketing of a virtual currency is likely "pounding the pavement" and exposing Dash to people. A service that made giving Dash tips to restaurant servers and other tipped people in real life would be a GREAT marketing avenue. Essentially, if WE, the Dash community, start giving tips to...
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    Dash Automated Teller Machines; Future of Dash

    I have been thinking about the volume / liquidity of Dash and also how to introduce it to people. I think ATM machines are a huge portions for bitcoins staying power. The reason is multi-fold: It provides a manner to actually buy / sell coins without the cumbersoem process of crazy KYC and...
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    Proof: Guaranteed 3 billion USD market cap in 1 month (like Ethereum)

    I can guarantee 3 billion market cap for Dash in 1 month and if you keep reading I will prove it. I am not sure how much sense "market cap" makes for a currency, but it is a measure that drives trading, press releases, hype, and trust in a currency. The common formula for market cap is the...
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    Improving Dash liquidity / volume for adoption

    The value of a trade-able asset is highly dependent on its liquidity. If you take two identical assets with similar inherit values and one is far more liquid the perceived value of the liquid asset will be much higher. In addition, the adopt-ability of it will be much higher. Let's pretend you...
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    Dynamic Mining Algorithmn

    A huge issue with bitcoin is that mining is no longer accessible. Mining is an easy way to enter a crypto-currency. In addition, miners tend to be ambassadors of the crypto-currency. When # of miners drops from 10,000 to 500 due to centralization caused by ASICs it creates a loss to the...