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  1. craigrant

    Good experiment gone wrong

    I was a fan of the governance system, but now I can see that an Internet governance system that includes hundreds of opinions may not be a great idea after all. If DASH developers make their decisions behind closed doors in a top secret fashion, and spent the money however they choose, at...
  2. craigrant

    DASH Infinite Money Algorithm

  3. craigrant

    Check your DASH before you CRASH

  4. craigrant

    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

  5. craigrant

    Grocery shopping with police escort

    This video has nothing to do with DASH
  6. craigrant

    DASH Secret Agent infiltration Flow

    Tip me Dash--->> XysKKaBmhZ5d34jDR6V9XYAFjFyeiCKDpK https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/address.dws?XysKKaBmhZ5d34jDR6V9XYAFjFyeiCKDpK.htm A dash member insisted I show my bank statement, and I said no, then he/she called me a pussy, so here you go
  7. craigrant

    DASH is Light Speed and darkcoin is fungeability

    A dash user requested that I do a video about fungeablity, so here it is. Regardless if you agree with me or not, if you find this video entertaining by laughing at least once, then please send me a BIG DASH tip. My budget for cyrptocurrency is $200 per week, and right now I am putting 100%...
  8. craigrant

    How and when to buy Dash with Ether

    more video likes = more free promotion from youtube
  9. craigrant

    DASH is Digital Cash and it's beautiful

    I really enjoyed creating this video, please give this video likes, as the more likes is the more youtube will promote it.. YAY :)
  10. craigrant

    DASH created a second tier system of Governance

    I created this video as the first of a series of videos I intend to do to promote DASH, there is no new information for anyone on this forum in this video, but it is rather entertaining. I am posting the video here to get likes, when I get many likes then youtube promotes the video to allot. I...