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    Eralith YouTube campaign report

    Hi everybody I am moving our reports from the old thread on Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions to here. This is the final report for our Project Jetplane Youtube Ad. The main campaign has completed, and it is now running on the Bonus Reserve (meaning the appreciation of Dash from the day of...
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    Is collateralised mining just proof of stake?

    There is talk of "collateralised mining" which means only masternode owners will be able to mine. 1) Why would this be good for the network, apart from being hugely profitable for the MNO's? (who will therefore probably vote for it) 2) Since there will be no competition for more hashpower...
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    Should we start the InstantSend ad YouTube campaign now, since InstantSend is disabled?

    Hi All We just published our second ad, which is a plug for Instantsend: For lightning fast transactions, use Instantsend! The problem is, InstantSend is disabled at the moment, creating a possible PR problem if people download the wallet and find that it does not work. Question: Should we...
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    Eralith YouTube ad campaign report thread.

    Youtube Campaign report, week 1 Hi everybody! This is the promised first weekly report for the Eralith Studios YouTube ad campaign. Later reports will be posted in this same thread. We will also copy the reports to the original proposal thread at Dashcentral.org. TL/DR Report date: June 16...
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    Now live! Proposal for YouTube advertising campaign.

    Edit: 22/05/2017 The proposal is now live! The proposal is here: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Dash_YouTube_Marketing_Campaign Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole): gobject vote-many de02737d6409765327636a2f10fb55375572510a8f3ba37b8cb205368c83dcd3 funding yes And...
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    Pre - Proposal: Dash YouTube Ad Campaign (first commercial finished!)

    Hi Keitsu Thank you for the comment, it is appreciated. YouTube cost: We got the cost directly from YouTube and not from a third party. Please click here: https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/en-GB/ You wil see a slider on the page, slide it to $50. You will see that it gives 1000 views. I...