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    Dashvotetracker Issues

    What's the deal with https://dashvotetracker.com/, we can no longer view the graph for proposals that are not being funded? I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this seems a little suspect to me.
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    Tick Tock - Interest-Paying Bitcoin Accounts

    https://news.bitcoin.com/coincheck-launches-bitcoin-interest-paying-accounts-pending-regulatory-approval/ Aren't we supposed to be getting an updated timeline for Evolution soon?
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    Pre-Proposal System is Useless

    Based on the pre-proposal to reduce proposals fee from 5 Dash to 1 Dash, clearly the majority of people are in favor. The pole results confirm that in the pre-proposal. YES - 62.9% NO - 34.3% ABSTAIN - 2.9%...
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    PrivateSend Mixing Volume

    We currently have an issue with PrivateSend whereby there is not enough volume to mix transactions quickly and efficiently. We also always have unused funds in the budget. My question is, is it technically feasible to set aside a certain amount of the budget that would be distributed among...
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    Changing the definition of a unit of Dash

    I'm not sure if this will be taken seriously, but I think it would be beneficial to change the definition of a unit of Dash. In other words instead of saying you own, for instance, 10 Dash... You would say you own 10 MegaDash or some other terminology. A unit of Dash would be a lower...
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    When will IX be fixed?

    We'll be left in the dust soon ... https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ripple-claims-transaction-thoroughput-now/
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    All masternodes showing as partially inactive

    I've noticed that all masternodes are showing as partially inactive. While is active. Anyone know what could be causing this? Also, is there a version we should be upgrading to?
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    Let's take a quick vote on proposal costs

    I think it's good that there is a cost to make a proposal, but I think it becomes too prohibitive as the price of Dash continues to go up. I think it would be a good idea to re-evaluate these costs each time Dash makes significant moves. Around $100 USD feels right to me, but I'm curious what...
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    Error Opening Sudoers

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    Dash Charts

    I'm looking online for various dash charts and visual pages. I found this one below. Can you please post others that I may not be aware of? http://udjinm6.github.io/bitlisten/ Also, anybody know of any Dash charts similar to this one for bitcoin? http://blockspeed.info/
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    Sending 1000 Dash

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    Questions about InstantSend

    I'm new here with several questions. I own a medium sized business and backed out of integrating bitcoin last year due to confirmation times since we need transactions to process immediately. My questions with Dash are 1. Wiill a business be able to enforce InstantSend, or is it strictly up...