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    how to start mn from cold wallet

    Hi So how do I start MN from cold wallet dashcore- ? I am used to seeing "start aliss" in the masternode tab but its gone ,,,,
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    SOLVED problem with Dash Core v0.14 and wallet file naming

    is anyone getting problems using assorted wallet file names and start shortcuts in windows ?? UdjinM6: Wallet no longer allows non-safe characters in wallet's name UdjinM6: safe characters are alphanumeric (i.e. en letters and 0-9) + .-_
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    MN not showing in search

    My MN is in the list here but "search" will not find it ,,, why could this be ? https://www.dashninja.pl/deterministic-masternodes.html thanks
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    address used to fund ProTx fee ??

    I am unable to issue protx register_prepare because my new payoutAddress has 0 balance so is this because I just need to fund one transaction for the protx register_prepare command to work at this time or does this new payoutAddress always need to have a balance in order for the MN...
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    evodb folder ???

    Hi I have just noticed a new folder called "evodb" inside my "dashcore folder" is it ment to be there cheers
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    v0.13 MN changes ?

    Hi I updated my MN to v0.13 on day one and all went fine ,,,,, what I want to know is do I actually have to do any thing else or will my MN just continue to function as normal ,,,,,, ps I have not made any of the new keys ect that i have read about all i did was update with dashman thanks
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    missing dependency: python-virtualenv

    I'm getting "missing dependency: python-virtualenv" when using dashman to install mn on ubuntu 18 04 ,, and sentinel will not work any ideas also /home/******/dashman/lib/dashman_functions.sh: line 1129: [: too many arguments any ideas
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    Masternode Hardware ??

    So when the MN hardware comes out does that mean that all MN's will have to use the new hardware or will we still be able to run a MN on a VPS ?
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    is there a need to mix coins and use "private sent" ?

    So if I mix my coins in the wallet then when sending them out use "coin control" to select the mixed coins is there then any need to use "private send" when sending ?
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    Dash tv issue

    Dash tv is not reading my wallet is anyone else seeing this ?
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    Voting behind a VPN ?

    it appears that I am unable to vote whilst hiding behind my VPN is there something I need to do to fix this ? also behind a VPN my normal wallet transactions seem to fail I guess the cause for this is linked
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    incorrect address ,,,,

    I think I sent some dash from an exchange but made mistake with address by having a full stop at the end like this:- SFrJE7. What will happen ? My panic's over the dash came through it just took a long time 20 mins guess the full stop was just from the exchange text
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    Spectrocoin GBP prepaid card ??

    Has anyone had any recent issues with spectrocoin GBP/UK prepaid card ??
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    MN will not start !

    My MN will not start this is an old MN but a fresh install done with dashman after reinstalling server the local wallet reports MN started but then goes straight to watchdog expired I have reinstalled sentinel and applied the latest sentinel patch dashman is reporting wrong balance (should be 0...
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    12.2 update with dashman

    did anyone use dashman to update ?
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    how to make sentienel crontab when using dashman ??

    I have just moved a MN to a new server ,,, I installed dashman then used it to install dash in root because dashman says it is not compatible with multi user then I installed sentinel,synced and started the MN which is now running but dashman says that "sentinel crontab" is not enabled ...
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    Moving MN to new vps

    So if I shut down a mn and the restart it on a new vps using new adjusted dash.conf and masternode.conf files and do it within 30 mins does that mean it will hold it's place in the payment que ?
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    Ip address of where coins are mixed ??

    is the ip address of where coins are mixed recorded ?
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    Problem stopping/restarting dashd,,,

    I have used dashman to install dash/sentinal on a new server ,, dashman says dashd is now running on a blank/empty dash.conf file and I have no restart script running.. Now I want to test my restart script and load a live dash.conf file but it seems that I cannot stop dashd using ./dash-cli...
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    [SOLVED]Problem installing Dashman

    I install dashman like this sudo apt-get install git git clone https://github.com/moocowmoo/dashman.git cd dashman All seems fine until i try to install dash wallet where i get this error missing dependency: netcat6 --> sudo apt-get install netcat6 So I try to install "netcat6" and get...