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  1. ashmoran

    All Systems Will Be Gamed – paper by Brian Arthur

    I'm currently reading the book Complexity Economics, which is a recent book (2014) that collects together a number of papers Brian Arthur has authored or co-authored. Brian Arthur was one of the original members of the Santa Fe Institute, which has been looking at better ways to understand...
  2. ashmoran

    Open Bazaar integration - pre-proposal

    Real DASH prices are now working! Prices are being pulled from https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v1/ticker/dash/ This feed only has USD prices, so right now, this means it only works if the item is listed in USD and the buyer is shopping in USD. The patches are on GitHub, for the client changes...
  3. ashmoran

    Open Bazaar integration - pre-proposal

    So as usual slow, intermittent progress, however today I managed to get something working that you can actually see :D I have duplicated the Bitcoin payment wizard and started working through, adapting the minimum useful subset of features to allow a payment. I've got as far as the order total...