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    When does the Charlie Shrem card come out?

    :D I want that card
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    The girl from Crypto Tips

    I think her and Amanda would be great for Dash.org. Look her up on Youtube, the name of her channel is Crypto Tips.
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    Chuck Norris vs Vitalin Buterik

    I heard once Chuck Norris wanted to meet Vitalin Buterik, but JP Morgan and Santander postponed the meeting indefinitely. Post your Chuck Norris/Vitalin Buterik jokes below :)
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    Evan Duffield vs Mark Zuckerberg

    If Mark Zuckerberg owns 28% of all Facebook, what is the problem with Evan Duffield owning 3% of all Dash? What is the problem with these social justice warriors constantly attacking Evan Duffield for mining so much Dash when it started? If I created a coin, and it took me months or years of...
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    Dash Bloodbath (Lock MN collateral blockchain-wide, spend more budget funds on dev)

    The Masternode system looks like isn't working as intended. The purpose is for the price to be more stable but this price drop has proven Dash is far from that. Make it so that Masternodes can't retrieve they're Dash from they're wallets for 1.5 months or have a queue (eg. 500 MN can sell per...
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    These price fluctuations :(

    I already lost a testicle. I got 1 left. I hope Dash doesn't drop anymore :< I need a hug. Someone tell me its all gonna be ok
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    Is Dash gonna get released in Coinbase or Gdax?
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    I beg you pls!

    Someone PLEASE put a link of this on the introduction page of dash.org: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/Site+map Didn't know about it till now, like 2 months later :( Dash is so undervalued right now, brb getting a loan!!!!!!!! :O
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    Observations, ideas, proposals and constructive criticism.

    The purpose of this thread is to create a conversation within the Dash space on things probably not spoken of in the open, or suggest solutions to certain thing, or provide a different point of view, give ideas, and so on. I may have possibly thrown things out of proportion by writing this or...
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    Masternode Dividends

    Hi, does anyone know what are the dates for the Masternode Dividend Payouts or a page where I can look them up?
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    Can I have 1 Wallet in 2 Computers?

    Or does this type of thing create errors or problems?
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    My computer deleted one of my Dash Wallets

    Hi, my fantastic new windows 10 laptop just deleted one of my Dash Wallets luckily it only had 5 Dash. I have this backed up on a USB but when I placed the USB on my laptop the Wallet shows 0 Dash, why??
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    TCP Port 9999

    How safe is the connection from my computer to this TCP Port 9999 and what are the risks when putting my funds in the wallet that a hacker can get into this same port, and steal the funds? Is it even possible for a hacker to get in through that TCP Port 9999 and do as the above mentioned?
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    The DDoS Attack

    You guys should really consider whether or not to publish this info to the public, or perhaps choose better wording. Trolls in Poloniex have been talking about the DDoS attack and making it appear as if this is a Dash.org problem when it's really not, it's just business as usual. It doesn't make...
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    Pretty scared

    Greetings, when downloa Greetings, when downloading the Dash Core Wallet, how secure is this TCP 9999 connection my PC uses to Dash?? -If I have let's say the Amped Ally Router (with Anti-Virus installed). -And an Anti-Virus on my PC. -And a VPN. -And a Password to get into my PC. -And an...
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    How safe is the Dash wallet?

    Is the core wallet implemented on the Dash blockchain or is it simply stored on my computer? How safe is this thing really?
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    Dash Wallet

    Hi, is it possible dash create a wallet that can be stored on dash.org? That way I don't have to worry about backups or if my computer goes to hell in a hand basket all will be ok? In the meantime is there a way for me to make my Dash Core Wallet on my pc impossible to access unless I use a...
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    Pretty scared

    Greetings, I recently purchased 1,000 Dash, spent $40k, but now I am totally scared after having read about some people losing they're coins when they're wallet crashes and all that fun stuff. What are the safety measures?