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  1. daf

    Réforme 2020 de Dash : les éléments du débat, en français

    Ce message est la traduction française des messages publiés en anglais par Strophy pour démarrer le débat. Cliquez sur les intertitres en bleu pour accéder aux pages sources et au débat en anglais. Le débat se tient aussi sur les deux Discords (Dash Nation et Dash Talk), sur Reddit et à d'autres...
  2. daf

    Actualités du site Dash France

    Chers amis francophones invisibles, je vous informe de l'ouverture officielle du site Dash France à l'adresse https://dashfrance.com. Le public visé est principalement le grand public francophone potentiellement intéressé, mais les textes plus techniques (en économie comme en informatique) ne...
  3. daf

    IDN email in profile is oddly rejected

    Is there a way to enter an IDN email (something like [email protected]é.com) in one's profile here? (in the "contact details" page) Stupid form keeps saying me « Please enter a valid email »… even if I type the IDN in unencoded form (something like [email protected]). Even the old BitcoinTalk...
  4. daf

    Vidéos Dash sous-titrées en français

    Les francophones sont rares par ici, mais enfin, je voudrais signaler que je viens de mettre des sous-titres français aux six vidéos « Dash School » d'Amanda B. Johnson. N'hésitez pas à les faire connaître à d'autres francophones potentiellement intéressés ! J'essaierai de sous-titrer d'autres...
  5. daf

    How to setup a plain Dash node? (not a masternode)

    Hello all, Is there a guide somewhere explaining how to setup a Dash node, without all the masternode goodness and payments? (I suppose the setup is very close… but what are the differences?) I'm asking this because I'd like to test a self-hosted node before possibly upgrading it to a masternode.
  6. daf

    Where to host masternodes?

    I know that masternodes are getting expensive lately (:cool:), but still: Is there a list of recommended VPS hosts best suited to host masternodes? Not only on a technical level (what are the minimum requirements, by the way?) but also on a diversity/geographical level. (An ideal solution...
  7. daf

    [Fixed] Masternodes all dropped of the payment list at the same time

    Hello all, Just noticed in Dashwhale's "Masternode incidents" that all my MNs dropped of the payment list at the same time on 4 occurrences ("From 05-02-2016 20:44 to 05-02-2016 20:48", and there were 3 other synchronized interruptions the same day). How can it be possible? My MNs are on 3...
  8. daf

    Masternode payments question

    Hello all, I'm running 3 masternodes for several weeks but, for some reason, 2 have not been paid recently. (Or am I not patient enough?) A few days ago I messed something with the first MN server, which went offline for some hours, so I thought the payment delay could be related to that...
  9. daf

    Hosting multiple masternodes on same server with multiple IPs

    Hello all, I have two masternodes running on two Ubuntu VPS (Vultr + DigitalOcean). I'd like to add a third masternode to my Vultr VPS. Is there any guide-for-dummies out there? I've already bought an additional IP address from Vultr, I can ping both IPs from my client, but I don't really know...
  10. daf

    « The currency can only succeed if it is expanded or supplemented »

    Just stumbled across this: « An even more fundamental problem with bitcoins, and indeed any private currency, is that there is no way to limit its supply. True, bitcoins cannot be manufactured beyond the limits set by Nakamoto. But there is no way to prevent future Nakamotos from creating...
  11. daf

    Emptied one masternode to feed another, aaarrhh

    Hello guys, Some days ago I successfully set up my first masternode. Everything went smoothly, thanks to Tao's excellent guide for the newbie that I am (using Dash-QT on a local Mac). Today I wanted to set up a second masternode. I bought 1000 dash on an exchange and sent them to my main Dash...