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  1. Marine

    Dash Network Update

    This article discusses an unexpected disruption that occurred on the Dash network on May 22, 2023. Here, we describe the immediate response and investigation after detecting the issue. We identified the problematic block and focused their efforts on understanding how the BLS update was...
  2. Marine

    To all Dash Partners: Urgent Action Required - Update to Dash Protocol v19.1.0 to Address Recent Issue

    Dear Dash Partners, As you may already be aware, an issue has been identified in the Dash network which came to a halt on May 22 at block #1874879. We understand the importance of maintaining a stable and secure network, and we are taking immediate action to address this matter. New blocks have...
  3. Marine

    Dash Core Group announces first v19 chain halt

    Please check this Reddit thread for the updates. All DCG's latest updates will be posted there until the issue is fixed:
  4. Marine

    Dash – A Crypto That You Can Use Today!

    We're happy to post Dash's first ads in a while! This branded video video highlights Dash's potential and killer features. We made this video given the current circumstances and shortage of budget but still, we hope it's good enough
  5. Marine

    I think Dash needs some changes

    Thanks for pointing this out, Robert. I would say that the reason why Dash is 75th is that is that we're acting slow. The overhyped cryptos on CMC's top are not like that, as they're constantly offering something new, something unusual, be it a new concept or marketing thing. Among them all...
  6. Marine

    Monthly updates here!

    July updates, THORChain talks, v18 success and other cool news What has been done in July-August. MOBILE The Mobile Android team continues to make fixes and improvements to the CrowdNode features and had one release for those and a few other fixes and improvements to other areas of the app...
  7. Marine

    THORCHain x Dash - Twitter Space!

    Hey there! Join our AMA on Thorchain's Twitter this Friday, 5th Aug, at 12 PM EST! :cool: Everyone's welcome! Let's discuss everything in terms of forthcoming integration. Like, retweet and share your thoughts and questions in this thread!
  8. Marine

    Monthly updates here!

    June updates: team changes and more Here's what we've done in July. MOBILE As many already know, the Mobile Android team released the new CrowdNode staking feature in June with a few fixes and improvements that were made during the beta. A few additional fixes and improvements were made at...
  9. Marine

    Brown Bag Session – Platform Roadmap Reflections by Ivan Shumkov

    In case you missed DCG's recent Platform vision and task priorities: Read short takeaways in Dash's blog: https://www.dash.org/blog/roadmap-reflections/
  10. Marine

    DashPay Wallet on Mainnet – Survey from Brian Foster

    We have learned a lot over the past year in particular about how people interact with the DashPay wallet on Testnet; what our users like, what they do not like and we continue to make improvements to the apps based on this feedback. As we get closer to the launch of usernames on Mainnet, we are...
  11. Marine

    Join DCG's Brown Bag sessions!

    Sup everyone! :) DCG has started a series of weekly Brown Bag Sessions. Every Friday, we make a group call, share our progress, market insights and knowledge in an informal setting. Everyone is invited! This Friday, Dash Platform's Principal Engineer, Ivan Shumkov, will talk about the...
  12. Marine

    Dash x Cosmos - Twitter space

    Everyone! Join Cosmos' crypto space TODAY, 08/06 at 16pm UTC w/ QuantumExplorer, Ivan Shumkov and me to discuss the relation between Tendermint Core & Tenderdash https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OdKrBLVqEzKX?s=20
  13. Marine

    Wordpress developer - DCG is hiring!

    Hey there! We are looking for a full-time Wordpress developer responsible for the development and maintenance of our company website, https://www.dash.org, and associated domains and content platforms. We’re looking for someone with a critical eye who could also recommend UI/UX improvements...
  14. Marine

    GetBlock x Dash - AMA

    Hey guys! We held an AMA with GetBlock, a node service provider. I tried to cover the basic question on Dash, and asked several questions about GetBlock's feature. I hope you find that useful. So please check it out :)
  15. Marine

    Monthly updates here!

    April updates: New changes at DCG, major Android updates, Platform progress and more Hi there! There are so many updates we can't wait to share with you! We're thrilled to announce our major updates and changes at DCG :) Important! Don’t forget, if you are a Dash-accepting merchant, anywhere...
  16. Marine

    DashPay v5.2 for Android is now on Testnet

    Hey everybody! :) DashPay v5.2 for Android is now available on Testnet! For those who already signed up, be sure to check your spam folder for the last update from last Friday (be sure to add the dash.org to your spam filter). Feel free to share your feedback and questions here! Cheers!