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  1. Solarminer

    Dash N Go - WiFi Portal Project Complete

    The Wifi-Portal Project was started with this proposal: https://www.dashwhale.org/p/Wifi-Portal And updated in this thread: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/any-update-on-%E2%80%9Cwifi-portal%E2%80%9C.8473/#post-89714 This project is now considered complete. The original plan was to create...
  2. Solarminer

    Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement

    A proposal was submitted to recognize hitting our 500th member in the public slack, the Dash Chat Slack. I would like to encourage everyone to think about this slack as a community engagement tool and a great way to get the community fired up about Dash. Dashwhale...
  3. Solarminer

    Core Proposal Split Proposal

    Current Proposals (Dash only - not external companies): core-team Funded with 1176 Dash This proposal is currently trying to pay for administrative duties, core, business development, forum maintenance and moderation and pays a group of 17 people. Each member pledges to work on Dash each and...
  4. Solarminer

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    We have had a lot of interest in the Vender-Experience Budget Proposal. We appreciate the constructive questions. I have updated the proposal to add an FAQ to help everyone understand this proposal. For more details or to vote, here are the links and voting command...
  5. Solarminer

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience

    We have created a proposal to address merchant adoption called Vendor-Experience. There are more details/comments/voting info here. https://www.dashwhale.org/p/Vendor-Experience We believe the best way to grow Dash is to give users a place to spend their Dash. Dash has an advantage over any...
  6. Solarminer

    Soda Vote for InstantX Soda Machine in Miami

    What do you want in the InstantX Vending Machine at the Miami show? Send 0.001 Dash to the address below for your vote. (No need to IX and pay the .01 fee) Suggestion is for everyone to put in 3 votes (only 1 cent total) but we do not oppose extra donations. Coke...
  7. Solarminer

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Just to clear all this up, I have made a flow chart that should make this obvious.