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  1. ec1warc1

    Voting with Dash, a quick guide for Dip003 Masternodes

    So, you updated your masternode(s) to Dip003, but you don’t know how to vote? It’s easy! Here is how: Get the ProTX Hash from your DashCore wallet. From the Masternodes tab, alt-click the masternode Address and copy the ProTx Hash Open the debug console: Using that hash, get the address...
  2. ec1warc1

    dash did not reach the wallet

    @Pablogda When you update the software, the wallet file(s) is/are not overwritten. You can safely install the latest version on top of the previous version without losing the old wallet(s). HOWEVER, it never hurts to first launch the old version of the wallet, and take an extra backup of the...
  3. ec1warc1

    Proposal: Dash Electrum support and development

    I noticed that the faucet takes donations in tDash, so I decided to send 233 tDash back to the faucet! It was not able to estimate fees, so here is how I did it: The Dash Electrum wallet is fantastic. It is really easy to understand.
  4. ec1warc1

    Proposal: Dash Electrum support and development

    Hello @AntonioR I am trying the same thing to help you out. I am using Dash Electrum on windows in GUI mode. Here you can see what I get:
  5. ec1warc1

    Dash.red Pre-Proposal

    Amount requested: 55 Dash per month, 4 months (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov) Dash.red team members: Edward Stoever, Paula Stoever This proposal requests four months of continued support. Our mission: Promoting Dash to people in Latin America by giving Dash in small quantities to thousands of people...
  6. ec1warc1

    GetFreeDash campaign must be stopped ASAP

    You are simply badgering and trolling. If you need to audit of Dash.red, go right ahead and follow one of these steps: Collect Dash addresses from the provided page Ask for an audit by DashWatch.org I don't owe YOU the time of day.
  7. ec1warc1

    Truthinmedia website truthinmedia.com has a CDN problem

    The CDN that truthinmedia.com has a real problem, at least here in Colombia. As of yesterday, pages look like this: This is an issue with the CDN. Whatever node is serving data to my IP address has a bad certificate, as seen here: Invalid Certificate is reported by my browser: The node in...
  8. ec1warc1

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    It is easy for someone to give away food or bolivares or anything to any other person who shows up with a smart phone and signs up on getfreedash.com. Does the person with the smartphone, required to verify the new account, end up using Dash, learning about it, etc? The video shows clearly that...
  9. ec1warc1

    Dash.red - Play games to win Dash every day!

    visit us at https://dash.red/
  10. ec1warc1

    Where did this 1119 Dash come from?

    This has been the tightest budget I have seen, with so many proposals and what appeared to be so little funding available. Then, out of the blue, 1119 Dash appeared: This is good news for everyone, especially those with proposals up for voting this cycle. My question is: where did the money...
  11. ec1warc1

    Continued Support for the Dash.red project

    March 6, 2017, 7:52pm Los Angeles, CA time - at the airport - on my way home to Colombia and look at this! 1700 transactions per 24 hour period for two in a row!!!
  12. ec1warc1

    Continued Support for the Dash.red project

    Wow, we are nearing 1700 transactions per 24 hours for the first time ever!
  13. ec1warc1

    Continued Support for the Dash.red project

    Our most recent MNO Report: Dash.red pre-proposal. Requesting support from April 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018 Amount requested: 44 Dash per month, 4 months Dash.red team members: Edward Stoever, Paula Stoever, Luisa Restrepo, Davi Oliveira (Brazil). This proposal requests four months of...
  14. ec1warc1

    Tech issue with Wallet doing 1500+ transactions per day

    In a private conversation, I got this information from UdjinM6, which after some study looks promising. I am going to post an image of his answer here for others to read:
  15. ec1warc1

    Tech issue with Wallet doing 1500+ transactions per day

    Hello everyone! As you may know, I run a website, dash.red, that is a fun way for people to win duffs. We are currently doing about 1600 transactions ever 24 hours. We have a technical issue. Sometimes, the wallet will be doing its thing - which is fairly constant transactions paying 30,000...
  16. ec1warc1

    Dash.red: December 2017 - February 2018

    Many thanks to the Dash community for supporting the Dash.red project from September 1 to November 30. This proposal requests three months of continued support at 35 Dash per month. The Dash.red project focuses on promoting Dash to people in Latin America. Important links: Our webiste...
  17. ec1warc1


    Hello Masternode owners! It is me, ec1warc1! If you have followed me on YouTube, twitter, and DashNation Slack, you may know that I have been working on a PRO-DASH website called dash.red. The URL will be dash.red! Dash.red will be dedicated to promoting dash. It should be ready for you to...
  18. ec1warc1

    The costs to use Dash

    I came to the realization today that an instant send costs USD $0.40, which seems rather high if we want to attract users. A basic transaction from the core wallet using the "recommended" setting now costs USD $0.08. Furthermore, the cost to submit a proposal is now $500. Is that right? The...
  19. ec1warc1

    Version 12.1 and protocol

    Looking at the pie chart on DashNinja.pl I see there are some masternodes running 12.1 using what appears to be protocol 70103 and others using protocol 70206. Do I understand that correctly? How is that even possible?
  20. ec1warc1

    Bad link to Spanish Dash Documentation

    Dash.org : When you switch the language to Spanish and then try to visit the technical documentation, the link goes to darkcoin.qa - must be an old domain no longer in use. Please fix this. Thanks!