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    Recent PrivateSend fee change

    Are the fees for InstantSend and PrivateSend (mixing and sending) stated somewhere? I can't find it in the Wiki. The changelog for v0.12.1 says: But it does not state what the mixing fees are or were. Are they charged per round? (No matter how much Dash you are mixing.) Or is it based on how...
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    Darksend looping, no mixing occuring

    Update: I let it run overnight last night and it slowly completed (well, 97%) over about five hours. Note: I'm using the newest wallet version (as of this writing), v0.10.16.15-beta. I've been trying for the last three or four days to re-Darksend my coins due to the recently-resolved security...
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    VPNs and Darkcoin - Acceptance Status (Ongoing)

    I've been contacting a lot of major VPNs (so far I've contacted everyone on this list) and decided to catalog their responses in case anyone else wants to help make the push to get them started with accepting Darkcoin. The responses are in the next few posts and are sorted in reverse...
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    Clearing transactions list from wallet?

    Is there a way to clear the transaction list in wallet-qt? As an example: I have a couple public wallets that I use to receive coins (from mining, buying off exchanges etc.), I like to Darksend them to various paper wallets. This lets me keep my coins both anonymous and relatively safe...