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  1. DieCommieScum

    Any fellow Anarcho-Capitalists/Voluntaryists?

    It's sorrowful statism prevails even in crypto, and even more discouraging it's seeming prevalence in the communities of Dark technology. Anyone else who feels the state should be cautiously ignored and facepalms at the chicken little commentary that comes from those worried about regulation?
  2. DieCommieScum

    DarkCoin T-Shirts

    As many of you may know, I ran a big shirt group-buy a few weeks ago. From that, I have three shirts left on hand. Two XL's and a single XXL. $23usd shipped payable in dark or btc to us residents (sorry foreigners, but international shipping was a pain in the ass on the big order) PM me to...
  3. DieCommieScum

    Logout Odness

    Noticing that I can come to the site, respond to thread/get personalized alerts... but am logged out after the first action. Just blew away cookies and such to see if it persists, but its a relatively new phenomenon. FWIW I'm using Comodo Dragon on Windows (Chrome de-spywared)
  4. DieCommieScum

    Partnership Sought for Dark-Dice.com

    I have acquired the domain Dark-Dice.com in an effort to convince Dooglus to clone his successful Just-Dice and Doge-Dice, willing to transfer ownership at no cost. Apparently this action is not receiving the traction we would hope for. I have posted a gig on Coinaility to clone the site, to...
  5. DieCommieScum

    Any VPN Providers accepting DRK?

    Rhetorical question, but I believe this is an important service that be made available for DRK. None being known to me, I am going to initiate the process of becoming an AirVPN reseller and will accept DRK for AirVPN activation codes. I will post in the Marketplace, here, and on Cointrepid once...
  6. DieCommieScum

    DarkCoin Faucet

  7. DieCommieScum

    Activation Email

    Took a few days of retrying, but eventually the activation email made it to Outlook.com (which ironically allows every bit of spam through usually) I have a faucet up at Cointrepid.com, enjoy. Donations welcome at XnYHD4m7R6T8y7oJTSvfSAs6VNFMQc4Nxi as it is currently not sponsored and funded by...