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  1. daddeo

    UFW/VPS help

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm having some issues with enabling UFW on my VPS instance and I'm looking for suggestions. When logged in via Putty, I'm able to install and setup the UFW rules per Taos' guide. However after enabling it, the instance just hangs and I get disconnected from the session. I...
  2. daddeo

    Masternode VPS minimum specs

    With the constantly evolving tech and refinement of DRK, would the following VPS specs be adequate for hosting a masternode or two? Thanks in advance. 2 GB Guaranteed RAM 2 GB vSwap RAM 100 GB SSD RAID-10 4 IP Addresses 3 TB Bandwidth 100 Mbps Network Speed
  3. daddeo

    Masternode/TOR setup assistance

    So I just setup a masternode on a local windows box in testnet and now I'm trying to figure out how to harden it as much as possible. Does anyone have a setup using TOR or VPN or both that they could help explain to me how to properly set it up? I've downloaded the TOR browser bundle and also...
  4. daddeo

    How do I update the wallet in Linux?

    How in the hell do I update the wallet in Linux? I compiled a wallet using Propulsions guide and it starts and hangs. It's version v0.9.1.2-8-g11cb148-beta. I know it's not the latest one but its all thats available on github that I can see. Obviously I've never done this before so please keep...