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    Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor Candidates Needed

    If you think you may be interested in becoming a Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor, here is the PDF application along with a link to the Dash Core Group blog post with more details: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11h-hcYwJ7BpNgz5avrOuIYP5J-Kv1N3F/view?usp=sharing The deadline to apply is...
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    Fourth Pre-Proposal Dash Watch Dec 2018

    Dash Watch Fourth Pre-Proposal Dash Watch will be submitting a single-month proposal this December 2018 cycle (barring any contest) to continue providing verification, accountability, and reporting to Dash-funded proposals for the MNO community. The reason we are requesting one month of...
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    Dash Watch 2nd Renewal Pre-Proposal Sept 2018

    Dash Watch is submitting a pre-proposal for three months of funding with an ask of 21,500USD/month which represents a 70% reduction from our prior proposal out of our concern for the welfare of other proposals. We have stopped web development and cut our salaries significantly (two of us...
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    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    Proposal - Dash Watch Click the Vimeo button at the bottom right of the video window to enlarge or watch full screen Summary: Finish creating an organization and website called Dash Watch (dashwatch.org) which tracks each proposal’s status and performance fulfilling its scope, schedule...
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    Any paid Dash Instructors/Tutors?

    Are you highly proficient and experienced with Dash and being a masternode and willing to show me the ropes? Well I'm looking for a mentor and am happy to compensate you for your time helping me. I love everything about Dash and I'd like to learn all the in and outs of setting up a master node...