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    Help on Jaxx wallet

    I am writing to you today in the hope that someone can help me get through to the Jaxx people. If you feel you are not the best person, then please forward this message to the best person. I set up the Jaxx wallet to store bitcoin and Dash. My first experiment was to import some bitcoin from a...
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    First transaction using instant send took 10 mins

    Hi, my first Dash transaction using instant send took 10 minutes. My expectation from Dash Detailed was 10-20 seconds. The sending wallet was Dash Core on Windows7 Professional. I selected dark send and instant send, but was told there was some problem doing dark send, so I un-ticked dark send...
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    Disasterous start with QT wallet on LinuxMint

    Hello, I managed to install the QT wallet on LinuxMint with the help of a script I found. During the install I was not asked for a pass phrase. I got an address and bought some Dash (3.9) on bittylicious and the Dash registered on the QT wallet. However the wallet is already encrypted, but I do...