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  1. DashRacer

    Dash AeroSports Vehicle New Branding alignment

    Dash AeroSports is submitting this current proposal to align branding requirements for our team. Dash AeroSports has ensured that our team complies with the new branding directives throughout July, August and Sept events. We have attempted to refrain from any proposals during the constricted...
  2. DashRacer

    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    Dash Nation, Dash AeroSports intends to present a continuation of our sponsorship and business deleopement activites. We intended to have the pre proposal posted already, Currently we are engaged in bringing 2 multinational business, 1 national and 2 smaller local businesses to the Dash...
  3. DashRacer

    Dash Branding on Race and Acrobatic airplanes (How I'll promote Dash to 200,000 people per month)

    My name is Scott Farnsworth. I am a Dash investor. And I have an idea to grow Dash Nation… by putting Dash in front of millions of people all across the globe (in a very exciting way). Here it is: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I own a...
  4. DashRacer

    kryptobit on IOS - Issues?

    Has anyone used this wallet and have experience with it? I sent 2 small test deposits without receiving anything in the wallet. I followed up with a deposit to Jaxx where the DASH was credited instantly.