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    Thoughts on Reverse Split or Redenominating DASH

    Hey all, I want to solicit everyone's thoughts on the following issue as well as to open a dialogue regarding potential solutions. The biggest barrier which I am noticing that is preventing many people from buying DASH is how its current price is reflected. Unfortunately, when making...
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    Conflicting Network Status. Should I restart?

    After reinstalling sentinel to fix an issue I was having with it. Ninja is showing my status as inactive but both my wallet and Dashman is showing as "Enabled" What should I do? This is the problem I keep facing. I don't know which status to trust. I can Pm my address for someone to check.
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    Another Issue with Dashman - Please Help

    I am now seeing this error when I call on Dashman status under "Sentinel Tests Passed" : /root/dashman/lib/dashman_functions.sh: line 1129: [: too many arguments NO How can I fix this?
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    HELP- Status Reflects "Upgrade"

    All my Masternode Status's are blaring red now with "Upgrade". However, when I check on the status using Dashman, their network state shows "enabled" and they are counting down. My question is does this status mean I need to perform the upgrade immediately or can I wait until they get paid...
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    12.2 Upgrade Deadline

    By when do we need to upgrade our masternodes to 12.2?
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    Help! Ninja shows inactive but Dashman shows active

    Hi, As the title suggests, my masternode has been showing an inactive status on Ninja as well as in my Dash wallet for almost a week now. However, when I check the status on Dashman, it shows the masternode status as "Enabled" and the selection counting down (with a "selection pending"...
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    Moving Masternodes to another Server

    I've been using old VulTR servers with 756 MB ram and getting fed up with the constant outages (which causes me to miss payments). What is the best way to move my masternodes to a better server with a different IP and without disrupting its turn in the cue?
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    Masternode Servers Keeps Shutting down

    My masternodes have been running fine for the past couple of months. Recently however, they keep shutting down and I have to go in and keep restarting them. Is there a reason why this is happening? I had a similar issue months ago and what seemed to resolve it is expanding the virtual...
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    Sentinel run test passed = No

    Just upgraded to, and when I check the status it shows Sentinel Run Test Passed as No. What does this mean and how do I go about fixing it?
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    Help with Partially Inactive Status

    A bizarre thing happened. Ninja is reporting my masternodes as partially inactive (>75%). However, when I go into the actual wallet and check the status via dashman, it says "Enabled" and is visible by ninja. However, the que count is now in yellow. Is there anything I should do or will...
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    Help with Installing Monit on Dashcore

    I am following the instructions to install Monit on Dashcore. I get stuck at the 2nd step where I modify the code to create "start_dashd.sh" to the below as my Dashcore folder is in root. #!/bin/bash /bin/su root -c './.dashcore/dashd 2>&1 >> ./.dashcore/rc.local.log' When I run this I get...
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    Error: Failed to load fulfilled requests cache from netfulfilled.dat

    This upgrade has been an absolute nightmare for my nodes. I keep getting this error every time I start DashD through Dashman. Can someone help me fix this?
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    After 12.1, Multiple "New Start Required" Errors

    I performed the upgrade to 12.1 simply by upgrading Dashman. Ever since I upgraded, my MNs continuously go good for 1-2 days before giving the error of "New Start Required" or "Upgrade". When I log onto the servers, I notice that dashd is not running and I have to restart it again through...
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    DASH On Coinbase

    I was wondering whether there was a prior request or submission made by the DASH Core team to get DASH on Coinbase? If not, I think this would be a great move.
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    Setting up a Masternode

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer in any of guides. I have two questions. 1) When setting up a masternode, the guides say to send exactly 1000 DASH to the Masternode address. However, given that there is a transaction fee, do you just send a 1000...