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  1. GermanRed+

    Will this also affect DASH: Some BTC Miners Generating Invalid Blocks

    Here is the original post: https://bitcoin.org/en/alert/2015-07-04-spv-mining Litecoin has the same problem. Do we have the same problem and an update to fix it if we do?
  2. GermanRed+

    P2Pool Unable to receive shares

    Hello, I just checkout the p2pool-drk code and try to run it for fun. However, I am stuck with errors unable to receive shares from other peers. Could someone tell me what is going on and how could I fix this? 2014-11-08 15:34:09.550364 RECV sharereply...
  3. GermanRed+

    Questions about MN runtime options?

    I want to bind the RPC port to a certain IP address. Is there an option to control this? I want to turn off the wallet in my MN with disablewallet=1. Will it affect the darksend mixing or the MN payment? EDIT: Never mind about this question. I will not run as MN without a wallet.
  4. GermanRed+

    MN superior to BTC banking

    With MN, it is like you own your DRK bank making interest by providing service. You may say BTC banking is available. However, BTC banking is going to fail BTC because whoever operate these BTC banks can control the price of BTC.