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  1. AgnewPickens

    Should a Dash-PIVX merger be explored?

    How could a merger be achieved without refactoring Dash supply?
  2. AgnewPickens

    I think Dash needs some changes

    Actually, there are DEX options where Dash can be swapped for stables, and if you don't trust an LP, you can use something like KMD Wallet, Dash is a legacy chain on their DEXes,
  3. AgnewPickens

    Close Account

  4. AgnewPickens

    Dash-qt Wallet Wont Connect to Peers

    Forwarded your post to Discord to get a quicker answer for you.
  5. AgnewPickens

    Close Account

  6. AgnewPickens

    pay novels with dash -

    Have you tried to open a ticket with goura.io? There have been a couple hardforks in the last year, their team may not have updated.
  7. AgnewPickens

    Dash Turkish Youtube training videos series

    Thread reposted in Dash Discord server's Pre-proposals channel.
  8. AgnewPickens

    Has the proposal passing threshold (10%) been adjusted to account for Evonodes?

    The Dashcore protocol gets the numbers right, but Dash Central does not, I guess we need to fund Rango so he can fix some of this stuff.
  9. AgnewPickens

    GPT-4 scanned Tenderdash github for vulnerabilities and suggests fixes

    I shared this thread to DCG channel in Discord.
  10. AgnewPickens

    I am unable to cast a poll! Why?

  11. AgnewPickens

    Error when trying to send DASH from ledger nano X

    Perhaps it's an issue that is related to the release of Dashcore v20, report it to [email protected] please,
  12. AgnewPickens

    Error when trying to send DASH from ledger nano X

    Were you mining to your Ledger, because you can end up with too many UTXOs to send Dash easily?
  13. AgnewPickens

    CoinJoin vs MWEB discussion

    Coinjoin doesn't require near as much user participtaion requirements, you have to have entities (DEX, CEX, POS, etc.) recognize transactions for it to be usable.
  14. AgnewPickens

    Can't generate a change-address key. No keys in the internal keypool and can't generate any keys error.

    From Discord: XKCD I am unable to log in, still in degraded mode, but you might want to suggest to him `keypoolrefill 10000` Otherwise he will need to dump his wallet and re-import it into a new one.
  15. AgnewPickens

    Dash Core v20.0.0 Release Announcement

  16. AgnewPickens

    Dash Core v20.0.0 Release Announcement

    Dash.org still has Dashcore v 19.3.0 listed for download.
  17. AgnewPickens

    POLL: Dash is "digital cash" or Web3?

    My safe word is "digital cash"