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    DRK Convention 2015 ...>>

    That's a great idea, but for now I agree with Fernando
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    What crypto/darknet news sites do you frequent?

    Bitcointalk.org Darkcointalk.org
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    R-Ando: My 22 last posts written on Darkcoin ANN have just been deleted by moderators

    It seems like that posts as "+1" have been deleted, I guess that they are considered useless
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    Minerd says 4 threads started using 'scrypt' algorithm

    What's your card/configuration/software version?
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    sgminer v5 troubles

    I have a similar problem with my R9 280x and 6850. With the R9 working, the 6850 produces about 80% of expected shares, but it's acceptable. I still haven't figured out the reason, maybe a driver problem when using cards with different chips
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    GPU clock and mem not taking the values I declare

    If you start a, intensive GPU software, e.g. a game, the clock goes back to the maximum? Anyway, what's the driver version you are using?
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    sgminer help - MSI 7950 Twin Frozer

    Well try also Display driver uninstaller to remove all ATI drivers (start windows in safe mode) and install latest 14.8 Catalyst. With 14.6 I got a few problems both with Sgminer than with other programs.
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    Best sgminer release for x11

    Yes it was about 2.2 mhash/s
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    Best sgminer release for x11

    My 280x is undervolted @1.070 mv (at default it is @1.200 mv) and I get 4.1/4.2 mhash/s with underclocked memory clocks
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    Missing DRK from http://www.drkpool.com/

    I havent' reiceived a coin so far...is everything ok?
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    I get 4.1 mh/s with my 280x, it's undervolted to keep it cooler but I think it's a quite good hashrate considering the card model
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    sgminer question

    You should post your config or bat file. Is sgminer updated to the latest version?
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    How profitable is mining currently?

    Well in latest days, Darkcoin price has dropped and difficulty has increased, so it's most likely that for now it's not profitable
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    Missing DRK from http://www.drkpool.com/

    Drkpool.com has shut down, no more mining on the official pool
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    A way to connect multiple GPUs via usb?

    Well the USB device isn't plugged in the PC's ports...it connects the riser to the PCI Express slot
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    "./kernel/fugue.cl", line 33: error

    Try with a different miner, e.g. sphsgminer
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    "./kernel/fugue.cl", line 33: error

    Copy the fugue.cl from the kernel folder to the miner folder. Which version of sgminer are you using?
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    A way to connect multiple GPUs via usb?

    I'm not sure if a usb can provide enough power to a GPU
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    Only 14.6 beta will add hashrate
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    No source code? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=658411.0