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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    @teamer Any news on the the DASH Whatsapp. It was a great idea.
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash to Fiat Payment Processor

    I'm simply just gonna call BS on this one, so my vote is no. You want to make a dedicated dash crypto payment system for 1200 dash = $6.000 The equivalent of a coinbase / bitpay. Not going to happen for those funds. Just think about it. Not realistic. Either a scam in the making or delusional...
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    Budget proposal: Change of X11 mining algorithm because of ASICs

    I just noticed that there has been submitted a proposal to the masternodes questioning if we should change X11. I am not sure what my opinion is yet, but the budget system truely is revolutionary in crypto. We just ask the network what to do. No fucking around like they do in bitcoin. Make a...
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    Tao asks: How can you avoid a Mt. Gox situation for your Dash?

    I don't understand. How is your video related to the crash of Mt.Gox and how one can prevent losing their funds?
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    Buyout Dashcoin

    Do we even need to buy them out? We could just say that our 3-letter symbol is DSH and let the exchanges go with it. Sure it coincides with Dashcoin but so what. Only Poloniex would have a conflict, but there is no Dashcoin volume there anyway, they'll probably get delisted soon.
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    Budget Proposal - Proof of Labour

    It is quite tricky to understand. Could you please try and ELI5 a couple of use cases
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    Suggestion: New voting method - Priotity ranking

    How would the hardcoded masternode network know how to classify and rank the different types of proposals? Isn't all this already solved considering there is human intelligence behind the masternodes who can vote yes/no, thereby ranking proposals according to what the collective network wants
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    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    It looks gorgeous. And it works!! Big thumbs up and bows to all guys involved
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    Supposed 450,000 Dash/Embezzled from Cryptsy?

    Looks like our bearwhale has been harpooned for now. But isn't it strange. This whale has been able to trade on Cryptsy and most like been able to get his btc out, while others have had their withdrawels stuck (otherwise he wouldn't have deposited massive amounts of dash there). So maybe some...
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    so the funds in wallet are inaccessible until then?
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    When will it be working again?
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    New real-time price chart for DASH/BTC

    carl_sagan If possible, please consider adding Bittrex too
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    First payment went through and I just bougt myself a game at Eternalsummersale via your whattsapp. This is very cool indeed. but... Now I sent a second payment via qr code, but it is not coming through. QR not working?
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    It came through about 30 minutes later. So my current balance is 2 now. So all good I´ll try and send an amount out from the wallet now
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    This is really cool. Ran into a few issues. On mainnet I sent 2 dash to address. I got message that it was received with balance 2 The I sent a "balance" text I then received a new address with balance 0 So now I have balance 0 ?
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    Dash Logo Contest

    So if I had to choose, it would be: - #6 - without the D looking like a G - and a - in the A *added - in A from altered aaxx1503 suggestion
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    Dash Logo Contest

    Have to agree with aaxx1503. Unfortunately, don't like any of them. They're all to futureristic bling bling and not a good fit, if Dash is supposed to target the mainstream and be perceived as a serious contender to Bitcoin. The original logo submitted by Pille is the best I've seen of all...