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    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    It appears they sent me the miner without SD-card in the orange Pi One. Ordered one and will be installing the img on it tomorrow. There is a link going around but there are 2 imgs. 1 is 4gb, other is 8gb. Does anyone knows which one I need for Giant A-900? Thanks in advance.
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    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    I ordered a Baikal Miner A-900 on their website directly (baikalminer.com), it arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it keeps flashing (doesn't get IP), anyone have suggestions? I saw in the other video's that the Orange Pi One should be flashing too, but it's not. I have it on video, but as a new...
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi everybody! My name is Magomet, I'm 27y old and I'm an online marketeer who's been on the Dash train for couple of months now. Finally decided to register here and now looking for ways to contribute to this amazing project Dash!