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    Spending from paper wallets

    How do I spend dash from a paper wallet? Can it be done from Dash-Qt?
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    How long does synchronizing take?

    Looks like it worked. Thank you!
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    How long does synchronizing take?

    ok thanks... both closed (actually DarkCoin-Qt just crashed) moved the wallet.dat file. However... 1. what does this mean: "start dash v23client with -reindex parameter" 2. delete which peers.dat file? The Dark one or the Dash one?
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    How long does synchronizing take?

    I am currently trying to switch over to the new Dash-Qt wallet on a mac. First of all I ran my old DarkCoin-Qt because I hadn't opened it for ages. My coins are there but it needed to sync. It started to synchronize but never finished after days of running until I gave up on it and closed it...