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  1. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    CryptoLifeX --- VEF/ DASH--- DASH/ VEF EXCHANGE

    Hello!! Great idea!!! but theres is something i dont understand, so basically Dash would pay for the all office? i mean everything?
  2. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Relacionandonos con desarrolladores

    Totalmente de acuerdo.
  3. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Contact With Dash developers

    Hello, My names is Saul Quiñones from Cancun Mexico im part of a recently created proyect of Dash Mexico.. Im interesting to contact with developers in Dash, i have friends that are interested to learn and developing in Dash. Also, one of the goals of Dash Mexcio its not only the mass...
  4. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Relacionandonos con desarrolladores

    En definitiva es una genial idea, la interacción en la comunidad es importante. Como compartíamos por mensajes se debe incentivar la relación con los desarrolladores y sobre todo el interés en que la comunidad de LATAM, sume lineas de código o sume en la búsqueda de soluciones.
  5. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Hemos llegado a 260 nuevas billeteras, Dashplc-Venezuela Queremos ir por más

    Wow, hermano!!! Excelente trabajo!!! me dejan sorprendido!!!
  6. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Preproposal: Dashification, turning a country into a Dash Nation

    Awesome, i'm from Cancun, please send soon information so we can work together seems that we have the same goal and i believe that together we can work to achieve it.
  7. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Pre-proposal: Hackathon Dash Build

    i believe that it's in deed necessary to incentivize your developers to understand and use the Blockchain. I hope more people would be checking this because its something that we have to pay attention
  8. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    DashBoost Official Launch

    Yes, it would be wise to do that, integration is important and i like what Dash force News Meetup it's doing about it. Here in Cancun Mexico we need to start the education and adoption, i was planning to put an proposal for Boost for education and adoption in Cancun and Playa del Carmen because...
  9. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    DashBoost Official Launch

    @Pasta Thank you my friend i will be alert.
  10. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Dash Maracay: Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela

    Hello my friend, it's absolutely need that educate the merchant on how to use Dash, i believe that this is something that in deed is need it.
  11. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    DashBoost Official Launch

    Hello, im wondering if there wil be another cycle for July? Thank you. Saul Q.
  12. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Conferencia llamada de DASH Latam

    Cuenta conmigo hermano. Ahí estaré.
  13. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    Únete al Foro Dash Latinoamericano

    Mi hermano!!1 Desde que leí tus comentarios en el Chat de Dash en español me gusto mucho la idea, es ambiciosa!! Pero con bastante potencial!!! Si en algo puedo colaborar, cuenta conmigo mi estimado. Un abrazo. Saul Quiñones.
  14. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones


    I like your idea!!! I trader Too, but last time that i heart, Dash does not support speculation, for instance no Trading o.o i could be worng but i what i know. Grettings!
  15. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    DASH community in Japan

    YEAH!!!! i Like the proposal!!! Dash really need presence in Japan!!! This is GREAT!!!
  16. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones


    I Totally i like the idea, its not strange that LATAM needs this kind of events to defund about this World, the applications and how this can change the world. I like it and i vote of course for yes!
  17. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    ALL ABOUT DASH 2.0 Resource channel & Website for Latin American audiences *continuation*

    All About Dash At Talend Land, working hard cause we believe in Dash, and cause in this times, Dash needs more diffusion within reaches more communities https://ibb.co/eotabc https://ibb.co/gyHe2H https://ibb.co/fGvz2H https://ibb.co/jVmTwc https://ibb.co/cG8xpx
  18. Saul Felipe Cano Quiñones

    ALL ABOUT DASH Resource channel for Latin American audience

    I know the team and i like it !! im sure that if Dash give them an oportunity the community it would not regret!! i know the community will suport this proposal! God bless you all!!