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  1. AlexRider

    DashPay will be built into the existing native mobile wallets on Android and iOS.

    I think this is great news. And it will greatly facilitate many lives. Keep it up.
  2. AlexRider

    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Wow, how cool. Although the discussion is old, but for me this information is new.
  3. AlexRider

    May I know about admins of this forum!

    And I wonder why you are interested? Want to get to the administrator's place?:D
  4. AlexRider

    I am looking for a good VPN

    I am using Urban Vpn.
  5. AlexRider

    Trading crypto

    I use Binance and Coinbase.
  6. AlexRider

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash to fund Tezos

    Judging from the fact that Tezos is aimed at combining a self-correcting protocol and operational management to manage network changes, and in general it is a multi-purpose platform that supports dApps. I think so, it would be appropriate for Dash to fund Tezos.
  7. AlexRider

    welcome me I am new here!

    Hi, I'm new here too.