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  1. MaxFangX

    Started Wallet to find 207 DRK sent to unknown address

    To date, the antiviruses have not worked, and I have way too many programs and configured settings on this computer that I will have to change if I did a clean install. Maybe someday. I will probably end up making a Linux partition and try out those read-only versions. Thank you all for all...
  2. MaxFangX

    Started Wallet to find 207 DRK sent to unknown address

    Update: I know for sure that this was an attack, since my coins moved: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/drk/address.dws?XpVL3YXqRST8NSCoo6pjRNSSsHq5anqw5C.htm Also, I think my computer is still infected, because when I checked on my wallet again today, it had a prompt open "This operation needs...
  3. MaxFangX

    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    I was stupid and didn't set a password. I now know for sure that I was hit by some software threat because my lost coins recently moved. I talked about it in this thread.
  4. MaxFangX

    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    Just saw this. I'm a little amused that this was posted 3 days after I lost everything in my own Darkcoin wallet - I wonder if I was any part of that xD Fantastic work Evan. If you pull this off... I can't imagine how game-changing that would be.
  5. MaxFangX

    Started Wallet to find 207 DRK sent to unknown address

    Hey Udjin, thanks for the response. I know it wasn't someone who had physical access to my computer, because I was on my computer the whole day, but you're probably right. I'm going to go through the necessary steps to see if there is possibly a trojan on my computer - my existing antiviruses...
  6. MaxFangX

    Started Wallet to find 207 DRK sent to unknown address

    Hello, I've been reading through some other threads, but I haven't seen anyone with a problem like this. Please forgive me if this is just some new feature that I'm not aware of. This is the sequence of events just now: -Have a need to access my Darkcoin, although I generally don't touch it...
  7. MaxFangX

    Whose still buying?

    I'm buying at intervals. After cashing out a trade at .0092 I've bought batches of DRK at .0082, .0075, and .0061 respectively. Going to keep buying more if it continues dropping. I do this because I am very strongly bullish in the long term.
  8. MaxFangX

    $40 really?!? Bug? Or idiot?

    Yeah, they have a buggy way of doing this. A while back some guy bought 1 doge for 1 BTC and it made Dogecoin market cap go to the trillions, haha
  9. MaxFangX

    Darkcoin vs Bitshares X (TITAN)

    Link? A quick Google search yielded inconclusive results.
  10. MaxFangX

    Darkcoin Wallet - Passphrase Question

    I might be crazy, but perhaps you could look in the source code to find where it stores the password hash, find it on your system, then hash for it with a miner/rainbow tables? That is, if it stores the hash at all. This information is likely to be in wallet.dat, if loading your wallet file in...
  11. MaxFangX

    Mining Equipment Mass Selloff!

    I've been slowly bumping up my settings according to what you sent me and I'm getting to about 8.15 Mhash/s. I'll try updating the drivers as you suggested
  12. MaxFangX

    Mining Equipment Mass Selloff!

    Before, we couldn't figure out how to configure it to mine Darkcoin but I think that might have been a pool problem. As I speak, I'm trying to configure them again, so I'll have ballpark hashrates and power consumption figures asap. Edit: Note that they have only mined Vertcoin before . edit...
  13. MaxFangX

    Mining Equipment Mass Selloff!

    Reserved - under construction Pictures Please continue to be patient as I complete the listing and fill out prices! Miner #1/#2 - $3150 ea $3150 Each or $6000 for both. Can be paid in USD, BTC, or DRK Miner #2 Top View Miner #2 Diagonal View Miners #3 and #4 Miner #4 Miner...
  14. MaxFangX

    Mining Equipment Mass Selloff!

    Mining Equipment Mass Selloff Warm greetings to the Darkcoin forum! My name is Max, and I'm the CEO of a small San Antonio company called Zellux Computing. In the past, we built cryptocurrency mining rigs and sold them to investors at a slight premium. Right now, we're having to shut down our...
  15. MaxFangX

    This is HUGE for DRK

    Count me in! Typically I buy BTC on Coinbase and convert via Cryptsy. But I enjoy trading too, and hadn't really thought about getting USD verified on those exchanges. Will do now, if it helps Darkcoin!
  16. MaxFangX

    [Noob-Proof] How to Install Sgminer, AMD Drivers, and GPU Mine Darkcoin under Linux/Ubuntu 64-bit

    BAMT has a whole bunch of pre-built tools and monitoring adds for specialized mining rigs, but I'm not aware of any performance benefits specifically. I'd say the main benefit is allowing you to run your OS off a flash drive, thus cost-cutting and reducing ROI time
  17. MaxFangX

    [CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

    Hey vertoe! I have 100 DRK I want to throw in. I'll pm you (: Edit: Yeah, looks like I can't PM either. Please PM me!
  18. MaxFangX

    Where to buy DRK with PayPal?

    I would suggest using Coinbase and utilizing their instant buy feature. Takes a little while to verify your account for that though.
  19. MaxFangX

    [WTB] $200.00 USD worth of DRK or BTC

    Just curious - why don't you use Coinbase's instant buy feature?