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  1. Schnuppdog

    Changes to DCG managed Escrows

    Thx for that. Another time that DC stepp up the Game.
  2. Schnuppdog

    Dash Documentary Update Thread!

    Hi guys just a heads up, it look like you get funds next month what i can see on DC maybe its the lack of updates or what you guys are up to or any kind of feedback from your side. cheers from Austria
  3. Schnuppdog


    Hi Guys, easy yes from my side you got my support
  4. Schnuppdog

    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Hi David, MN from Austria/Europe here ty for sharing your idear and i would like to Vote YES on this and Dash would be the perfect match for this. Like AlejandroE pointet out this is a more complex Project and alot of pre work to do befor even we can help the people down there. at least 3-6...
  5. Schnuppdog

    Budget Proposal "Dash People"

    Hi you did put in the wrong link here you go https://www.dashcentral.org/p/dash-people
  6. Schnuppdog

    Proposal Summary and Commentary: Renewal w/Changes

    Personaly i need to be negativ again: after looking into your vids and how you rate proposals how you make a statement that realy week (shity, schwach). this is not a real analysis of the project. just your opinion and personaly i dont mide your opinion.. I also think i spend more time om...
  7. Schnuppdog

    Dash internships / Representation Office Thailand

    equel work = equel pay it dont matter wher you from and espacely for an intership for futher work ok i dont minde. Because the education sytem in the US is a loan base system or i think its totaly crasy but anyway its not fare for DASH people around the World. if he is the best of the best and...
  8. Schnuppdog

    HardFork Series

    Finaly you did make a Pre proposal what is good news and makeing a step in the right direktion. Some thing i wanna point out, as one of the Masternode Owners we are a DAO and for that we are living in different parts of the world and not everyone got english as his first language. so sayed you...
  9. Schnuppdog

    [PRE-PROPOSAL] Koodaa: Start, manage and finance your SME with Dash.

    Voting no no Preproposal for dicussion in advance (4 Days are way to short), no Video with your faces, no escrow and 6 month is to long for a non know person/firm
  10. Schnuppdog

    Dash Cycling Team

    also yes from here no reason to Vote no on this
  11. Schnuppdog

    Dash Documentary Proposal - update

    That was helpful, thank you. i was against it in the beginning because you did some things realy wrong but after all this info it looks ok for me you got my yes Vote now
  12. Schnuppdog

    Pre Proposal

    for your plan for that kind of 6 month of 20DASH a m for that i will vote No because: 1. you need build trust on the Dash comunity for getting that long of a period , you also need proof that you have knowledge about DASH and his Goal. 2. i prefair also an interview or a promoton style Video...
  13. Schnuppdog

    Pre-Proposal Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF)

    wil yote yes on this fair price good opertunity
  14. Schnuppdog

    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    Do you understand understand PR and Marketing? do you understand how hard it is finding someone like Scott how lives DASH and just talk all day long with everyone about DASH ? normaly you dont find people like him and we got lucky he did find DASH. 1. If we wanna go and be Manstreem we...
  15. Schnuppdog

    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    Yes from me, you have being a big Value to the Dash eco System and it was gread to meet you in person in London and see your passion for Airraceing and Dash
  16. Schnuppdog

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    ty so much for the Video great proposal you got my Yes
  17. Schnuppdog

    Blockchain Library

    How your proposal will help the dash network? Everything is alreddy up on dash.org. You know that is a open project on Github right? You will cover Blockchain and Cryptocurransie in General so you wanna sell here an advertising spot on you HP? So fare this makes no sence for the Dash network...
  18. Schnuppdog


    i like this kind of proposal yes from me
  19. Schnuppdog

    Proposal : Dash Atm network in different six places in France

    if seen ~-3- 5 ATM Proposals alreddy and one in France https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/a-dash-brand-atm-in-downtown-lyon-70-dash.13723/ 1.do you hold DASH meet ups to educate people how big is your Comunity ? 2. Why you need to start with 6 and not 1 3. How much france People know about DASH...