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    Best Options For Securing DASH?

    As a newbie I would discourage another newbie from using a paper wallet unless they are technologically capable. I have dash and bitcoin paper wallets and had quite a challenging time sweeping the dash paper wallet. It was easily to sweep bitcoin from paper to my mobile wallet, but I had to...
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    Masternode locations

    Newbie comment/question... cryptoID shows that the majority of masternodes are in Europe and USA. Does this mean that the owners are also in these countries or simply that they may be using masternode operating services located in these countries? If English is a pre-requisite to participating...
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    Dash "stock split"

    I agree that it has no substantive impact on most areas, but a split would increase the liquidity of the coin. A quick google search shows that stock splits are done by companies for a good reason... a split increases the $$ volumes that trade, which over time reduces the volatility of the...
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    Proof of Capacity?!

    I just discovered BURST coin and that it uses proof of capacity rather than proof of work for mining. I can't find any other alt coins that use proof of capacity... does anyone know if there are others?
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    I use QuadrigaCX to buy BTC and ETH with Canadian Dollars ... registered 6 months ago and have been very happy but I plan on trying Kraken now that Dash is listed.
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    When will DASH release IOS wallet?

    jaxx on ios has a dash wallet