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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    If you are hoping to see my opinions on different issues that have come before masternodes the best I can offer you is to look on Dashcentral under a proposal you want to know about. My reddit account rarely weighs in on proposals, because there was rarely discussion on reddit about proposals...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    I have always been name3 when it comes to Dash. This is evident from everyone I've argued with in the past coming out of the woodwork to try and make sure I don't get elected. I have a reputation in Dash and you can judge me on that to your hearts content. You can also ask me my opinion on...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    Yeah I get that and I don't necessarily disagree, but my comment was a reply to Sven.
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    I agree with some of what you wrote and have a slightly different take on other parts. I agree that the DIF shouldn't try and actively support the price, simply because that won't work, they don't have nearly enough buying power for something like that. I agree with the overall strategy you...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    To be perfectly clear I definitely campaigned to defund DFN, and as long as XKCD is giving me all the credit for it, I am quite proud of what was accomplished. I periodically delete reddit accounts to maintain my privacy which is why the thread is no longer up, but I am sure you can see the...
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    Renaming PrivateSend Discussion - In response to the 2020 Q4 Conference Call

    I actually agree with Taos idea that he began this conversation with. To throw my own out there I think co-opting th language of web browsing will come in handy here. Sending Incognito is something that everyone will see and immeadiatly understand due to its use in Chrome and other web...
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    What's this Trust Protector thing all about? Let's meet them and chat about Dash stuff.

    I have also given my information to Dash Watch to put myself in the running for one of the Trust Protector positions. I'll start with my history in cryptocurrency. I've been paying attention to the space since about 2012. I bought my first bitcoins when they were around 12 dollars and have been...
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    Pre-Proposal: Making Dash the Default Payment Method for vCommerce & Boosting the Merchant Count

    Could you elaborate on how much you are seeking for the 3 month test run? Also could you link the website?
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    I don't think anyone is faulting Alt36 for the delays you guys have experienced, every business comes into unexpected challenges and sometimes those take time to resolve. We are apprehensive that these delays have shortened our period of exclusivity in a meaningful way. I don't think it is...
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    What possible reason is there to justify this, other than being on a power trip? As long as they answer all the questions satisfactorily why would you care whether it is in video form, text form, or as a podcast? What matters is the questions get answered.
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    It's hard to justify the further money when so far this project has been largely a disappointment. Where are the ATMs that we paid for? How many transactions a day are you processing through the platform? How many dispensaries are you in? How many transactions are you expecting to be...
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    We can't be gifting to people who lost their money. In the past, I've had two full masternodes taken from me by a hacker, granted this was before the treasury existed. Should I get my 2000 dash also? By gifting to one person we set a dangerous precedent. Also this is not at all the point of...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    Dash Venezuela is killing it, we are lucky to have you guys doing such great work there.
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    This better be the most complete and functional roadmap in the world. How you can manage to be 6 months late on a roadmap is absolutely absurd.
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    Pre-Proposal: Connect DASH to Mass-Market Consumers in US

    Okay, thanks for the clarification!
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    Proposal: Core Team Legal Budget (July)

    @glennaustin I posted this same question at DashCentral. In regards to 4: when will this information be made public? This has been talked about for almost 6 months now, but we have yet to see any documentation proving it has actually happened or (more importantly) laying out what exactly it is.
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    Pre-Proposal: Connect DASH to Mass-Market Consumers in US

    Hey, Thanks for the pre-proposal. I'm a little confused why we would pay for this when other tokens have gotten in for free? Would Dash be getting some benefit over other currencies?
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    Pre-Proposal: Promote Dash setup and payment to international, young customer base

    This proposal expensive but I think it could be worth it. 50% of the budget is for promotional pricing to undercut current market rates, so what happens if the campaign isn't successful and you are left with extra funds? Will you keep the lowered Dash price until there is no budget left?
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    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    I love this proposal. My only hesitation is whether you guys and girls will be able to pull off setting up a seamless Dash experience from scratch in such a short amount of time. The worst case scenario would be an unusable system for the merchants/consumers.
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    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    Is anyone associated with Dash speaking at Concensus or do we just have a booth?