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  1. UdjinM6

    Мастерноды DASH *** общее обсуждение

    @mutabor для поиска адресов с 1000 DASH DMT использует https://insight.dashevo.org (если я не ошибаюсь). Бывало, что IP на которых хостился блок-эксплорер, попадали в блокировки РКН (когда они там без разбору блокируют, то иногда цепляют всех, кто за балансером AWS). Проверьте, открывается ли он...
  2. UdjinM6

    Stuck on "Processing blocks on disks"

    If your node stuck on the block 1379127, please make sure to download the latest version ( Once updated, open Tools -> Debug Console and run reconsiderblock 000000000000000afecd3ab8c45c69bcf9556a8b2c871cb15ed51d9457bd703d command first and then run clearbanned. This should get you past...
  3. UdjinM6

    v0.16 Testing

    This is not possible currently because they need to verify governance objects which rely on op_returns and op_returns are pruned. But even if we would implement them say via special txes IMO it should not be possible for masternodes to run in prune mode because they are meant to be full archived...
  4. UdjinM6

    DCG Compensation Proposal Double-dipping

    It's a Dash Central's bug - it says "Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)" even though "Payment start/end: 2019-11-15 / 2020-02-12" (i.e. this proposal will disappear in a couple of days). EDIT: but thanks for keeping an eye on POs anyway ;)
  5. UdjinM6

    DashRadar development thread

    Looks like it stuck at Dec,18
  6. UdjinM6

    Light wallets for MN collateral, MN shares, POS staking

    You can use HW wallets (Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey), they don't require you to have the blockchain locally. Can also use Dash Electrum (http://electrum.dash.org/) to access funds if you don't like official wallets from HW wallet manufacturers for some reason. Storing MN collaterals in a software...
  7. UdjinM6

    Dash release

  8. UdjinM6

    Не могу отключить SPORK_6 версия

    SPORK_6 не был активирован в основной сети Dash, только в тестнете. После его активации необходимо переподписать все остальные спорки, поскольку их старые подписи не будут валидны в новой схеме.
  9. UdjinM6

    A symbol like ethusd, btcusd, and ethusd

    Try "dash-usd", "dash-btc" etc
  10. UdjinM6

    Extreme Dash block rewards

    1. Most of the money go to proposals of course. You can calculate miner reward as "coinbasevalue - sum(superblock[amount]) - sum(masternode[amount])". See https://github.com/unomp/node-merged-pool/blob/master/lib/transactions.js#L134-L197 as an example. 2. It's probably going to be hard to...
  11. UdjinM6

    Extreme Dash block rewards

    These blocks with 6k+ DASH supply are so called superblocks - blocks in which proposals are paid. EDIT: When next block to be mined is a superblock `getblocktemplate` should have `superblock` array filled with items you must include in coinbase tx outputs, just like you must include...
  12. UdjinM6

    Antivirus deleting 'miner' file

    Thanks for letting us know! Do you have the same issue with Bitcoin-Qt too? If not, could you reply to them that miner in Dash-Qt is basically the same thing but for another chain and that it's a legit software? They can verify that there are no hidden things by checking...
  13. UdjinM6

    Attention Dash Masternode Owners: Please register with the Deterministic Masternode List now

    That's incorrect. Block supply does not depend on the number of masternodes. The number of masternodes basically represent the length of the payment queue, so the more there are masternodes the less frequent each of them is paid. For example, with 50% less masternodes remaining ones might expect...
  14. UdjinM6

    $50 available to determine what is wrong with this block

    Heh, just noticed new coins on my donation address sent from Prohashing pool address. Thanks! :)
  15. UdjinM6

    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Down... :/ (explorer is up btw and I'm not using addresses anyway)
  16. UdjinM6

    $50 available to determine what is wrong with this block

    Glad you solved it! No need for a payout, I'm happy to help keeping mining space as much decentralized/diversified as possible. We all as a community depend on this after all ;) PS. Thanks for your kind words :)
  17. UdjinM6

    $50 available to determine what is wrong with this block

    Hmmm... Well, let's see: 1. Does this happen for every block? Have you mined at least one block successfully? 2. How often do you query daemon for a new block template? 3. Does your pool use "-blocknotify" or "-zmqpubhashblock"/"-zmqpubrawblock" to stop working on an old block and query for a...
  18. UdjinM6

    $50 available to determine what is wrong with this block

    But isn't this ok-ish? Someone found a block while you were mining, so your block is an orphan one now. (FYI: someone is mining with 100Ghs+ on testnet today)
  19. UdjinM6

    $50 available to determine what is wrong with this block

    DIP3 coinbase txes should be of a version 3 https://github.com/dashpay/dips/blob/master/dip-0002.md#special-transactions and type 5 https://github.com/dashpay/dips/blob/master/dip-0004.md#coinbase-special-transaction i.e. this should actually look like this Hence full tx would be: As for...
  20. UdjinM6

    Dashcore 0.13 download PGP signature doesn't match?

    You can check if it's a valid key by comparing it to the one in https://github.com/dashpay/dash/tree/master/contrib/gitian-keys To clarify key ID difference: 6102E091 is his primary key, EC105D04 is a subkey, but both are valid.