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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    There is still old logo in Help menu ;)
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    Spectrocoin GBP prepaid card ??

    Majority of services were using VISA cards issued by Wave Crest holding from Gibraltar, but they lost VISA licence. It affected services like Wirex etc. Not sure about US customers
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    Spectrocoin GBP prepaid card ??

    It is not really recent, but current cards no longer work as wavecrest (VISA card issuer) lost licence. We all have to wait for new cards
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    Version 12.2 release

    Can you always include latest translations into new version?
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    12.2 Translations

    @UdjinM6 Can you always take latest translation from Transifex before newer core wallet release? I've finalized translation way before 12.2.2. for Slovak, but it was not reflected in the wallet. If possible of course:) Thx
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    12.2 Translations

    You need to register here https://www.transifex.com/dash/ and join the team
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    Alternative to Kraken

    @dashinstant I'm also using their services and start using plastic card. I was just wondering about taxes. You pay with your Dash, but it's converted to EUR or USD before transaction. Do you think there is a requirement to pay taxes in your country similarly as you should do when you withdraw to...
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    12.2 Translations

    No, the tool only change untranslated resources. It also produce log where you can see what was changed...
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    12.2 Translations

    @UdjinM6 actually if you give me write access to all languages (currently I can only translate Slovak) I can recycle translation for all Dash languages...
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    12.2 Translations

    it is quite simple. You just download already translated strings from Bitcoin project - it is possible to do so if you are member of their team as well. Then you download strings for translation from Dash project an use the tool. Then you just upload the modified file back to Transifex. As I'm...
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    12.2 Translations

    Same time ago I've created a small utility which is able to recycle translation from other coins on Transifex. It can save a lot of time as many resources are the same comparing bitcoin (eventually any other coin) and dash. It helped me a lot to"translate" many strings for Slovak language...
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    Version 12.2 release

    I have this overlap when syncing (Win10 64bit machine)
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    Translation recycling

    Hello dear translators and community members I'm one of translators currently helping with Slovak translations. I've already translated Android wallet and I'm now catching up with core one.During current work, I realized that many translations were lost during update to 12.1 and I have to...
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    Someone to rewrite Slovak translations to Czech?

    Hello, some time ago I've finalized Dash wallet translation into Slovak. It should be quite easy to re-use it for Czech version as well. Transifex also supports such scenario, so you can change source language from English to Slovak (no super English knowledge needed here).
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    Budget Proposal - «Donation to Edward Snowden»

    Now on Twitter :) https://twitter.com/Snowden
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    New tool to help you with translations

    Hi folks, I've used my tool to recycle translations for Czech and Chinese Simplified. I was able to recycle 188 Czech and 191 Chinese strings, but someone with write right has to upload it back to Transifex. It's not that many, but if for free:). I've upload files here (output logs are there as...
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    Budget Proposal - Breaking DS

    What about a budget for translators? There are still many languages not 100% cover. Maybe to pay tiny amount of Dark for each translated word
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    Dashcoin Cloud Miner

    Yes it is, you can only buy SHA hash share. X11 was always grayed -out (they never really offer it as an option, probably there is still no ASIC for it?) Scrypt is also still out of stock for a long time, but you can buy SHA and then change payouts from Bitcoin to Dash in your settings. I...
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    Dashcoin Cloud Miner

    I'm using Genesis Mining over a year now. So for so good. No issues with payouts. You can also distribute hash power between different coins, e.g. 50% BTC and 50% Dash, but there are more to choose from. You can aslo use my code 1CZMnN during check-out to get 2.5% more hash power for free. Enjoy:)
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    Please help in translations for v12 Wallets

    Slovak wallet done! Uff, took me ages :smile: