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    [ANN] Darkcoin | Darkcoin.io | Creators of x-11, Darksend, DGW, and InstantX

    lol please, real decentralization takes place cross dimensionally as well. :D
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    [CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

    How much does it cost per month to host one of these masternode fellas?
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    Why does X11 run cooler?

    I have to share, which is my opinion for now, that your logic can be misinterpreted. Quark has 9 rounds of hashing, with three of them being random. This is chosen by an instantaneous choice depending on the result of the previous hash -- i'll assume it adds 0 time in comparison to the amount...
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    How did difficulty jump so high on 3/12?

    It's kind of technical as far as how KGW can be exploited in that matter . . more so than I feel comfortable explaining. Realistically . . less than 1g# was used to cause it to happen. It's called time warp exploit, and any coin using KGW is very susceptible to it. The DGW that was moved to is...