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    Proposal: Marketing - Brand & Design

    Put your money where your mouth is...That is my motto...I have sold all my masternodes and have moved to other systems. Like I said....I don't screw around and put real money into the systems to support you and all. I believe in the crypto space but we all know that 73% of all budget goes to 2...
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    Proposal: Marketing - Brand & Design

    Totally understand your position AlexRU
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    Proposal: Marketing - Brand & Design

    You know what I think?..... When a bunch of core millionaires don't put their own money on the line on a project this size....It smells, It smells rotten. I sold my last masternode yesterday..and I'll tell you why. (and I had 30+, thanks for running 5 of them Moo! You run a great service) I...
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    Lamassu update ?

    This is why i sold off my mnodes and only hold one now. Dash unfortunately will soon be lapped by other coins because they just cant get it done....good luck guys.
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    Yes...I am very concerned about the possibility of scam......I refer to the last sentence of my bounty...."I reserve the right to decide who is the ultimate winner of my share of the bounty.” I will be consulting the Mods of the Dash Slack for guidance and vetting of potential winners. In the...
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    More than one way to skin a cat Camo! We are trying to find and fund in new ways... Like the Canadash DnD machine... Self funded, we arent waiting for permission. ;)
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

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    Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement

    this is a nobrainer....there are over 500 members and thousands of communications weekly, this is a great asset to add to the communications arsenal of DASH ......You have my votes
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    New website discussion

    I am a regular guy. It has taken a couple of thousand hours, since last july, for me to get my head wrapped around the crypto space. Starting with bitcoin. Then moving through Andreas Antonopoulos' "mastering bitcoin" (Twice, third read is on the way) then becoming comfortable with wallets...