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  1. J

    Is mining and trading of btc legal in india?

    Hello john, I really don't understand why the RBI or government is not valuing the digital currency, they should be more innovating and appreciate new stuffs and keep themselves updated in this current era. Well taking about the coinbase. I have personally used it and I feel I would like to...
  2. J

    PC specs requirement for mining ?

    Hello buddies, What is the minimum pc requirement for mining cryptos? I mean I would like to know what pc specifications are recommended to get started, will an i7 processor with gtx 1080 graphic card with 8 gb ram will be enough to start mining crytos? Please share your views. Cheers all
  3. J

    Is mining and trading of btc legal in india?

    Hello folks, I would like to whether trading and mining of bitcoins or other crypto currencies legal in india! Are there any legal procedures to do before getting into this? Shred some light expecting replies from ones who are experienced in this field Thanks ~ Jumbala