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  1. J

    WTS Baikal Quad, Cube crowdfunding...?

    Hi Jason, What is the current price doe the cube and the Quad, shipping to the US?, I am interested in pre-ordering one. Also, if you don't pre order can we still purchase one when stock comes in?
  2. J

    Total Noob..1st miner in mail..some questions

    Thanks for your reply LostInSpace. Good info and I agree with everything you mentioned. I got the cube for $1495 from asicminermarket, definitely overpriced, but I wanted to get into the game. I've been looking all over but I don't see many miners available. Everything is overpriced it's...
  3. J

    Total Noob..1st miner in mail..some questions

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for having me on this forum. my quick story...my wife told me about ethereum a few months back, but I was busy with work and blew it off...fast forward to last week I finally did my research and I came to a conclusion that Dash mining would be my best bet as of now, more...