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    Pre-proposal; Grant leftover funds to MNOs at end of each treasury cycle

    I think this issue deserves a lot of attention and research. I am sure that many MNOs do not take part in voting because of language barriers. It is very difficult to participate in the discussion, to ask questions using only google translator. The second reason is the uncertainty that the...
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    POLL: Which wallet(s) do you use for Dash?

    I use AtomicDEX wallet too
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    I believe that working with businesses, exchanges, merchants is very important and should be done regularly. For example, the largest merchant https://coinpayments.net requires 3 network confirmations, and there are a lot of such examples. I would like to see you in the role of CEO DASH Biz Dev.
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    Какой провайдер VPN услуг принимает DASH?

    https://coinvpn.io - принимает DASH
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    Лучшие видео на русском о Dash

    В этой теме можно публиковать ссылки на качественные видео о криптовалюте Dash на русском языке.
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    Vaultoro, you should be outraged and ashamed

    Maybe we could manage the budget in such a way that funding is paid NOT BEFORE the project / integration is launched, but AFTER the project / integration is launched, when the project REACHES the declared success metrics? If this is an exchange/merchant that integrates Dash, let the integration...
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    People are not using Dash - question is why? And what can we do to improve adoption?

    People are not using Dash - question is why? 1. DASH has significantly less support in stores, financial services, crypto-ATM than other coins. Examples: - pornhub.com accepts different crypto coins for payment, but does not accept DASH. - tu.com - does not accept DASH - bitcoinmat.org - does...
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    Как зарабатывать криптовалюту Dash на телефоне

    Из этого видео вы узнаете, как стейкать (зарабатывать) криптовалюту Dash на телефоне с помощью сервиса CrowdNode (crowdnode.io). Открытие вклада в криптовалюте Dash займёт у вас не более 5 минут. Вклад не фиксированный, а это значит, что вывести средства можно в любой момент. Хоть весь вклад с...