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    The girl from Crypto Tips

    You lack of understanding software is astounding. It's well known the Bitcoin as well as Dash is open source. i.e. freely copy. It's also well known that when Dash copied Bitcoin's source code there were a lot more authors than merely Satoshi.
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    The girl from Crypto Tips

    Wow, tell us how they stole someone's work. You do know that Dash is a fork of Bitcoin don't you? So are you saying the Dash folks are thieves too?
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    You have completely missed the point. I could easily share my source code with the Core Team but then actually build an application with other code. There is no way to tell which source code was used for an application on the AppStore.
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    Dash charity fund ?

    You never heard of corporations doing charity? Were you in a coma most of your life? Apparently you believe there is no oppression in the world - it just the people being oppressed that need to make a mental change. LMAO
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    Well I would say some of the reasoning in the start of this thread is not exactly rock solid "The app appears to be based on the official Dash wallet previously rejected by Apple. However, because the source code of the app is not externally verifiable, the risk exists that the application...
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    I think you are getting confused. The developer [redacted] has not been in slack for months. I commented on this thread earlier and was the one you chatted to on slack.
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    PROPOSAL: Amanda to Present Evolution at Anarchapulco's “Cryptopulco”

    What are you offering here that is not already in one of the youtube videos? With Evolution being so far away to be realized, I really don't see the advantage in promoting it so much. I think it would be better to wait until it's out and ready to start promoting it, otherwise, people will...
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    Dash's More Incredible 2016

    Last year's report stated "Today, we have solidly secured the #5 position in the rankings". So what happened that we dropped to #7 ?
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    Apple vs Dash, action required

    I'm sure the Dash IOS developer knows all of the tricks. He has a lot of App experience. There appears to be more to this than it seems. Expect to see some updates on the topic from Jaxx
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    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    It's likely Evolution won't be out til' late 2017 or 2018. Do you expect clones before that? I think you're comparing what Dash will be to what other coins already have. Seems like you are a little in denial of where the competition is at.
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    Why Does Kraken Hate Dash?

    I thought that the Coinfirm deal was supposed to open up more gateways such as Kraken. I was assuming that the was one of the reason for going ahead with the "partnership". I would hope that core knows the reasons and would open up to the community about it
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    Since the details are unclear, another option would be just to have the developer transfer the application to another email/dev account. Since the developer has other applications it doesn't quite make sense for him to supply access to anyone else. The fact that the wallet was advertised as the...
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    So there are 2635.09 DASH left of this months budget

    Fine for you own opinion, but how can you state noone cares about paid ads anymore? If they didn't work they wouldn't be around, duh Obviously advertising works, it wouldn't be such as huge industry otherwise.
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    OK, care to extend an invite to that slack?
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    No, https://digitalcash.slack.com. I want to chat with you there
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    jaxx is already on iTunes and an update will definately be on (dash or not) Most of the discussion of this has been on slack. Have you checked it at all lately?
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    Bounty for an Apple App Store mobile wallet grows.....

    It's very unlikely that Apple get spammed to death. It was however worthwhile for someone else to submit a version, mainly because it was propagated that nobody really knew why the App was rejected. Like most companies Apple will respond to consumer demands. So it would be better for the Dash...