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  1. wealthbear

    Dash domains

    awesome community this is how crypto is furthered ;)
  2. wealthbear

    Payment processing

    Hello, I have known about and used Dash for over 5 years, when I first got into crypto I had DASH. It is great to see the projects progress. I have always thought of Dash as the currency of the people and a way to pay for food, products and services. I think more attention should be put...
  3. wealthbear

    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    good to be here, thanks dash team.
  4. wealthbear

    Dash Core Group Q4 2021 Quarterly Call - 3 February 2022

    great work dash team, seems like development is still in full-swing.
  5. wealthbear

    dash? do not understand why people still buy this dead coin

    dash is not about big profits but about usuability, its one of those currencies being used more and more in real daily life.