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  1. Minotaur

    Dash Core Team Organization Announcement

    Evan has been on this transition for almost a year now, as part of 12.1 he provided advice and checked that the code was going in the direction of the concepts he introduced with Sentinel but the code itself was developed, optimized and released by our dev team, without Evan coding on a daily...
  2. Minotaur

    New Major Exchange Update

    Kraken launched this morning, this project is now complete. Thanks to the community for their support.
  3. Minotaur

    (Pre-Proposal) Buy & Sell from within ALL DASH WALLETS

    X posting from Dash Central. Hi just a couple of thoughts, the proposal says you will develop Dash wallet wizards for 4 wallet apps. Wouldn't it make sense to have commitments from those wallets you plan to integrate ahead of making the proposal. Because if there are third parties involved is...
  4. Minotaur

    New Major Exchange Update

    We wanted to give a quick update for the community on the new exchange coming online soon. The integration is ready we are fine tuning some things with the exchange and coordinating the press release, etc. It is important to notice that the trading pairs will be ninja launched over the next...
  5. Minotaur

    Legal Research - Marco Santori - Cooley LLP

    We are still working on the legal section of the website itself, but you can start accessing this information on our Wiki here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/How+the+Law+Applies+to+DASH
  6. Minotaur

    FIAT - DASH Compliance / ATM Compliance

    We are still working on the legal section of the website itself, but you can start accessing this information on our Wiki here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=105746151
  7. Minotaur

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Charlie was very professional and approached us to get advice on the process to get his first Dash project considered by the community. After spending a lot of time with him on the phone discussing it I firmly believe this is a great opportunity for Dash. Hopefully the community agrees and...
  8. Minotaur


    As recently discussed on our Q4 2016 status update call, this project is currently on hold until the partner finishes a large update to their software. Until this new software architecture is completed it is not possible to add Dash or any other token. Our relationship with the partner remains...
  9. Minotaur

    Pretty scared

    I would highly recommend getting a KeepKey I am really happy with them and they are big Dash supporters. www.keepkey.com
  10. Minotaur

    Business Development Clarification

    Although there was a major exchange integration today, the integration today was not funded by Dash and is not related to the currently existing budget proposal for an exchange. That project is still underway, and the ‘major exchange’ associated with the proposal is still aiming to complete its...
  11. Minotaur

    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    Although there was a major integration today, this project is still underway, and the ‘major exchange’ associated with this proposal is still aiming to complete its integration by the end of March.
  12. Minotaur

    Legal Research - Marco Santori - Cooley LLP

    We have been able to agree with Cooley LLP on the plan to publish the legal research, so as of now they are directly preparing the content that will be made public and available to the community on our website. I will let the community know when this ready and we will work with our web devs to...
  13. Minotaur

    DASH Business Development Strategy Update - FEB 2017

    Climbing the Blockchain Adoption Ladder Dear Dash investor, We are in the process of securing one of our most important partnerships to date from an adoption and business development perspective and we need your support to complete it. Background In order to understand the significance we...
  14. Minotaur

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash WooCommerce Plugin

    Hi @blockhead please check out the latest updated Woocommerce plugin by our dev @snogcel here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/Dash+Checkout More general information on the supporting API here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/Dash+Payment+Processor+Overview @camosoul
  15. Minotaur

    FIAT - DASH Compliance / ATM Compliance

    Today we have received full documentation of the compliance program from Cogent Law. This program should be useful for Dash enthusiasts wanting to launch a Dash service that includes exchanging coins for FIAT e.g. Crypto ATM kiosks, high profile Local Bitcoins type sellers, brokerage, etc. The...
  16. Minotaur


    I don't think this is the thread for this, but maybe a moderator can move this later @UdjinM6 @fernando. To answer your question 12.1 was a requirement to be able to enable MNs operation from hardware wallets not only Trezor but also KeepKey, not sure about Ledger yet. So now that 12.1 is out...
  17. Minotaur


    You are right again, the idea behind Evolution is to be the maistream friendly product, but all other options will still be available, Electrum, hardware wallets, full clients, etc. So anyone savvy enough can just completely ignore the Evolution wallet if it does not add value to them. Also...
  18. Minotaur


    12.1 governance is a complete reimplementation of the 12.0 governance under a new object based architecture - Sentinel. So any flaws that are perceived to be present in the 12.0 version would still be present in 12.1. Now Sentinel opens the opportunity for changes and improvements in subsequent...
  19. Minotaur


    I think we fully agree on this, that this should be an optional arbitration where both merchant and client decide ahead of time to enter into a moderated transaction. Then we leave it up to the free market what merchants and users want to use this feature. Of course we are early in the process...