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  1. pepemartinez

    Community call: DCG Business Development's plans - 6 September 2018

    Friday would work better for me as well :)
  2. pepemartinez

    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Bienvenido a este proyecto y a esta comunidad, soy Pepe Crypto del proyecto Todo Sobre Dash y es un placer saludarle y darte la bienvenida, esperamos poder platicar más adelante.
  3. pepemartinez

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Wow wonderful everything you are doing.
  4. pepemartinez

    DASH Airdrop for Panda.Exchange Users and Activating the D-Pay.io payment processor

    excellent proposal, hopefully the MNO support this proposal, very well to the entire PANDA team
  5. pepemartinez


    very for that proposal, I also like that more people discover Dash, much success.
  6. pepemartinez

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    wonderful proposal, they are an excellent team, I am sure of the added value that gives the whole network this proposal.
  7. pepemartinez

    DASH Global Meetups

    excellent proposal, and more with the integration of different countries, you make the approach to Dash, is much greater, so that more people know, use and adopt.:)
  8. pepemartinez

    DASH Global News site

    Is a great proposal, to reach a greater number of people, with a greater diversity of countries, very well to support this proposal.