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    Windows QT blocks compatible with Linux QT?

    Hey, Basically I'm moving all my crypto to a machine dedicated to storage. It's quite an old laptop though, so it's pretty slow but does the job for an offline storage device, disk burner, no wifi you know. I just plug an ethernet cable briefly when I need a connection I feel comfortable...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Hey guys, Just updated my MN to 110223, upon starting the new daemon I get: "Dash server starting root@flokinet:~# : Unable to bind to on this computer. Dash Core is probably already running. : Failed to listen on any port. Use -listen=0 if you want this." I've tried "rm...
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    Price thread (trading)

    Personally, I'm in this for good, I believe in this coin. I'll stay 'til we fly to the moon or go down with the ship, either way. I know others who feel the same. Sure is a bumpy ride right now :P. Bitcoin's to blame.
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    DARK chat wallet

    This would be really cool IMO, especially if groups and such were supported - This could even serve as a platform for conducting P2P trades with DRK. However this isn't something we should be thinking about just yet, development is currently focusing on improving DarkSend, then moving on to...
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    What's in a name? ...or, is a rose by any othername worth the trouble?

    Read through all this thread and just thought I should chime in here... I originally became involved with DRK because of the controversial name (and rising value of course). But, I would assume that by now everyone who likes the name is already involved - That market segment has already been...
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    Merry X Mas all around ....>

    Merry Christmas everyone! :D
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    Best MasterNode VPS Providers

    Hey guys, So I'm gonna setup another MN... What VPS provider would you suggest? I'd rather fund a host supportive of privacy, is reasonably trusted and accepts crypto payments (if they accept DRK even better) and one that doesn't already hold a high percentage of DRK MN's such as Amazon. Oh...
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    Evan's InstantX Demo on YouTube

    This is really something... Wow, well done Evan. :)
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    RC5 Launching September 22nd

    This is really exciting news :), happy to hold all the way to the end. Still need to get my MN up coming to think of it :D
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    I think Darksend lost me Darkcoins?

    Poloniex is the best by far, just a shame they have such low volume. Other than that I use MintPal. I try to avoidd Cryptsy if possible, bitches giving crypto a bad name.
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    Potential 51% attack from Amazon

    Check this post on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg6699243#msg6699243 A VPS provider which you can pay in DRK, use them. Support the coins commercial value and knock down the number of Amazon nodes. If some authority happens to ask Amazon for the data from the...