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    Address Watcher

    Hi guys. I did not want to ask for money beforehand as I would hate to promise what I can not deliver. Nevertheless I put together the first altcoin @ notification service! Find out instantly about any incoming/outgoing payment from your/someone else's address! It is free and it will remain...
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    New Masternode share - 9 partners wanted, 100DRK each, 1 month renewable agreement...

    XgmnQ4J239nSM1LRbxN6oUrLwicm5seXDF is my address... Do you need another investment? :) Have some 100 or 200 (300...) DRK to spare...
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    Mandatory : All users must update to v0.11.1.x

    Since the massage: "Warning: The network does not appear to fully agree! Some miners appear to be experiencing issues." does not really provide much useful info to the normal user would not it be easier to simply change the text of the warning to "Please restart the client with --reindex" ?
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    Complete, Step-By-Step-Guides, Suitable for Noobs and Experienced Users Alike!

    Thank you very much for MN manual for Linux newbies at http://planetcrypton.com/install-darkcoin-daemon - saved me a lot of time as it covers "simple" linux commands the other guides are missing. A small tip was forwarded your direction :)
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    Bitcoin Rush episode Thread

    To be honest I did not like the sample video - have found it a bit too annoying to watch. Even for those that find it acceptable to watch he draws too much attention to his style rather than content he presents.
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    Please Update To v10.14.1 - Masternode Security Update

    Sorry, mine is also working fine on Maverics
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    Please Update To v10.14.1 - Masternode Security Update

    Same thing.. I think we did mot manage to download the file through wget https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/blob/master/darkcoin- - any ideas?
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    Please Update To v10.14.1 - Masternode Security Update

    both local and remote should update?
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    We have to realise we would not use VPS CPU to brute force X11. Simple processing of transactions would be trivial and would result in minimal increase of computation resources resulting in no additional costs.
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    I'd prefer simple approach of giving MN 40-50% of mined coins - that would make me to invest another 2000$ to get a MN - and would be the interim step before ultimatelly cutting the mining altogether and shifting the processing entirely to MN.
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    Not sure about charity. Would leave processing of transactions to MN rather than bothering users & asking them for help. Keep the end user wallet simple.
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    Think outside the mining box. You do not need megahashes to assure processing simple transactions. MN would not try to brute force X11 - there would be voting in process and the selected MN would easily process few dozens/hundred transactions using CPU power.
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    I believe that diversity with 900+ MN is sufficient. Remember - all it takes is one feable CPU to process all the transactions. Everything else is just a wasted power to assure decentralisation. But - why wasting electricity when we get the decentralisation through MN ?
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    I see absolutely no problem with MN doing the processing of the transactions. Not only there won't be threat of 51% attack, there is more than enough processing power to deal with the transactions and it has a positive effect on the environment. In addition, MN owners who keep coin will be...
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    Lowering the requirement to 500 drks? No way - would have to run 2 VPSes instead of one, twice the number of updates, twice the cost for running the MN for the same reward? Nope. I agree with increasing the MN payments. 20% is obviously too little to attract 2000 MNs and equally obviously -...
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    RC5 Launching September 22nd

    can someone mail this update to the media?
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    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    Is there any press release & contacting wired, coinbase etc. in plan before the news about DarkTor gets too old?