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    Sending coins from mn address

    Ah, I was close. Thanks splawik21, just booting up the wallet now and I will give it a go. Also, thanks to orangecyclea as well...I will definitely watch the video before attempting to move any rewards. Would be nice to put them into a separate wallet every so often (think I will start doing...
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    Sending coins from mn address

    Hi, I have two mn's in my wallet, but one has not been running for a while and I've been unable to get it working. I would like to send those coins to another address, but didnt want to send and end up breaking my other mn. How is it I can specify to send those particular coins (broken mn) and...
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    The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

    Just got round to watching this last night, fantastic doc...yet so sad what happened to Aaron. Thought most of you guys/girls should watch it if you haven't already. Not got anything to do with Dash/Bitcoin or crypto-currencies, just a interesting watch. Trailer: Full Doc
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    Transform PR project closure report

    If that figure is correct, that is a lot of money. Like another user said in another post (I forget who), PR companies send write ups to all the crypto sites (that most people dont even bother reading)...which dont get me wrong...is good to get our updates out...but not for the money spent...
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    Use cases for PrivacyProtect (ex-DarkSend)

    It was certainly big news when it got hacked, so yeah in that sense it's a use case for PrivacyX/Darksend. I just don't personally like that one. Edit, I just checked the general forum...looks like I'm spamming the place
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    Let's get thinking

    I've posted about this before, but nobody replied/quoted it...perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree here. I'm guessing both are huge jobs and would require a large percentage of the proposal funds (plus working out how to stop users gaming the system) I would like to say first I’m not a...
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    Catch all system?

    I asked about this in another thread, I was going to ask if its ok...but suppose it is if everybody votes for it.
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    Reimbursement Proposal for the Dash N Drink Instantx Miami Demo

    Pity it all went pear shaped, but glad they are getting reimbursed for the Vending machine. Ah well, hopefully they will work on a future proposal once the dust settles.
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    Use cases for PrivacyProtect (ex-DarkSend)

    Yeah i think the same. If they added Dash, fair enough...but we shouldn't go chasing a site like that. I could be wrong, but I read ex-employee's saying a large percentage of the female users are bots.
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    "Dash Faces" - my new promo-video

    Its a very difficult task to get right but I would say you've done a fine job for a community video Alex (you are getting better the more you do). I mentioned this in another post, but I might not understand the budget system correctly. Instead of coins being burned, could proposals be made to...
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    Proposal Idea -- Scholarships/Awards for over-achieving students?

    I kept meaning to talk about this, somebody posted a video of the ether DevCon and it reminded me. I think its as great idea FTG, I know budgets are full at the moment (could any excess be put into a DashDev fund so it doesnt get burned? I might not understand how it works) When it reaches a...
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread Day #2

    Yeah I would be interested in hearing that also!
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    Poll: Dash Direction

    I agree Dash should focus on the atm/pos (user experience) and be careful to not spread itself too thin (there is a lot going on with Evolution). Once that is out the way, I think its time to revisit the logo/branding/ui for Dash as its too aggressive/masculine for the audience its now aiming...
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    Yeah, I was really looking forward to his talk/demo. Another user (Mangled?) suggested the periscope app: What is Twitter's periscope? Periscope is Twitter's new live-streaming video app, not to be confused with the recently launched Meerkat, also a live-streaming app. It allows you to watch...
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    Dash Vs. Bitcoin Video (poll) proposal

    I've been chanting videos for ages but Dash should wait until Evolution is out before thinking about another video. The most recent video was great (especially the script) but I think we should spend a lot more money ($7K) and get a world class animator. Also, plain and simple...lets not try...
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    Would something like DashUSD be useful for discreet investors and ordinary businesses?

    I was curious about Nubits since you keep mentioning it, found this article (although it is a bit dated, September 26, 2014) : http://digiconomist.net/details-and-shortcomings-of-nubits/ Perhaps there has been some big changes in that time and the authors conclusion is no longer relevant. "...
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    By Special Arrangement: The Daily Decrypt - Advertising Rate Halved

    You win some you loose some...at least you are contributing.
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    By Special Arrangement: The Daily Decrypt - Advertising Rate Halved

    It would be silly to think TDD wouldn't update their users on other projects, in fact people wouldn't take them seriously if that was the case. But what I don't understand is why we are talking about NuBits, did I miss something (Is Dash in talks with NuBits?). Why is it they compliment each...
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    By Special Arrangement: The Daily Decrypt - Advertising Rate Halved

    Im not too sure why this would benefit dash? I thought the point of paying for some exposure was for it to be focussed on Dash, not sharing it with some other project that could confuse users (are both projects connected etc). NuBits should approach TDD or another show and do this themselves...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Seems like a lot of useful work being put together Stan, nice work. Is there anything the community can do to help graphics wise? Some of the icons are quite tired and I was wondering if there was any we could do to help. I spoke with a designer a long time ago and she was very interested...but...