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    [ANN]Bitcore - BTX - SEGWIT - hybrid fork 1:0.5 of Bitcoin- 7% Airdrop every week

    BitCore Distribution for BTC Holder First Round -inactive since 2nd of November 2017- BTX claiming with BTC Snapshot 463619 (minted : 04/26/2017) down to 0.01 BTC Every BTC holder was able to claim his coins via a BTC signature 1:1 1BTC = 1BTX. Claiming was possible prior to 11/3/2017. On this...
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    Despite 50+ Crypto ATMs in Vegas, DASH Not Represented

    I'd really like to see DASH getting added, it's a real shame it has not been so yet.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    I'm from the BTX Community and I've found this great forum and will try and be a part of it. so far I'm enjoying myself even though I'm mainly lurking and reading..