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    Integrity of dashd when using dashmate and other tools

    I would like to start a discussion on a topic that has followed me for some time: How do we ensure the integrity of the software running on our systems? This question is essential because our systems store digital assets. Question: How is the integrity of dashd (and the other parts for...
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    Should Platform run on all nodes or should Platform run only on High Performance nodes ?

    Timelocks adhere to your keys your coins. You would not be giving away any of your keys or coins. A timelock simply restricts the spending of the collateral until a specified future time or block height.
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    Should Platform run on all nodes or should Platform run only on High Performance nodes ?

    The slide is misleading. It simply shows the benefits of a more centralized solution. More centralized solutions will always have lower fees, enable higher TPS, and reduce the amount of communication between nodes. That's a given. The suggested high performance masternode solution comes out of...
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    Verifying wallet downloads

    Hi Sven, looking at your screenshot, I'm assuming you want to verify the signatures for the macOS binaries. You can basically follow the guide for Linux on https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/wallets/electrum/installation.html#download and modify it for the use on macOS. Depending on your setup...
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    InstantSend double spend bounty

    There are far bigger bounties on Ethereum mainnet. Who's interested in attacking Dash? Hackers are a diverse group. There are white hats, grey hats, black hats, <insert_color_here> hats. I suspect that there are enough people who would be interested in pentesting Dash if there was a reasonably...
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    InstantSend double spend bounty

    Other projects are doing security bounties because it's an industry best practice. Take a look at for example Immunefi. Lots of 2.5 mil USD bounties there. Those bounties are far more attractive than the $50-$5k ones offered by DCG. The former will attract serious attacks, the latter won't...
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    InstantSend double spend bounty

    InstantSend has been the default for all Dash transactions for a few years now, but a lot of people outside of Dash haven't heard of InstantSend neither know what it is nor how it works. I propose the following idea in order to change the situation: create a InstantSend double spend bounty. The...