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    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    so the affected node got hit with a penalty again and is banned now ... would have been paid tomorrow, that is bad
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    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    As DMT generates the key pair, it has both, the public and private key. You can display either one, so yes that's a bit confusing when asking people whether they have correctly entered the key locally.
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    Deutschland ist ein dritte Welt Kryptoland?

    Bekleidung: bei bitrefill.com Germany auswählen und Zalando.de Gutscheine kaufen Leider sind Bitrefill fees so hoch, dass es echt DASH Verschwendung ist dort Gutscheine zu kaufen. Da lohnt es sich doch mal etwas crypto gegen Bargeld zu verkaufen (Mycelium app- Buy/Sell Funktion - nur...
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    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    I also have one out of multiple identical nodes that shows a PoSePenalty and I've yet to figure out why. DMT has the correct operator public key in the config.
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    New website discussion

    Had a look at testing, found the following: 1) http://www-test.dash.org/sitemap.xml is missing a css I think 2) http://www-test.dash.org/contact/ Header says “Contacts” , should be Contact I would say 3) When submitting the contact form, there is no feedback .. like ‘your message has...
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    Are we looking at Feb 5 for the new electrum DASH release? Will it be released for MacOS as well and will it have trezor support again? Will it have masternode support?
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    12.1 Announcement / Finalized Date / Project Update

    Will the dashman script support upgrading to 12.1? What specs will the new server need?
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    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update

    Yes! It works, beta.mytrezor.com lets me spend the DASH with just my trezor and pin! Finally I can access my DASH again, so glad!
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    Is Dash-core more secure than electrum dash for long term storage?

    Well for me Trezor and Electrum DASH have not been a good option. Trezor no longer works with Electrum DASH on OSX and I have not been able to access my DASH for several months now.
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    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update

    Is there any update? I still have a large amount of DASH held hostage in Electrum DASH on OSX with Trezor and I really need to get it out.
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    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update

    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update Electrum DASH on OSX will no longer recognize Trezor after the latest Trezor Firmware update. The Electrum DASH developer is aware of it, but I don't know what the ETA is for a new version.
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    How to revive a masternode after spending the collateral?

    I am sure more people are in the same situation. You have a masternode or more, DASH price went up and you quickly sold your 1000 DASH that you had in the DASH core wallet as the masternode collateral. Now once DASH price goes down again, you re-buy your 1000 DASH. What is the best procedure...
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    Proposal: Tao Community Coordinator

    Hey great proposal, thanks for all your effort and work over the years! Your masternode tutorial probably helped a lot to achieve the current node count and your social media profiles helped a lot to promote DASH. It would be very fair to have you receive a stable salary and to allow you to be...
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    dashman - linux masternode mangement made mootastic

    moocowmoo, yes it was more time efficient to just delete the instance and start over on a new one, next time it worked as usual. I run 4 nodes with dashman now and the updating feature worked really well, it was quick and easy! Thanks so much for this script, I will donate something!!
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    Proposal: De-activate YouTube.com/DarkcoinTV

    I agree with tungfas post. There are links to those videos and the content must stay accessible via those links. Removing the videos would be so stupid from a marketing perspective. This is the first proposal I am even commenting on and I voted against making that content inaccessible with all...
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    Best procedure to move a Masternode to another server?

    I need to move my masternode to another server. Can I leave the 1000 DASH on the previous key and just set up a new server, then edit the masternode.conf file on the local computer with the IP address of the new server? (So I would be leaving the pubkey, txhash etc the same and add the pubkey...
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    whats the all-time record wait for a MN payment?

    My masternode on a raspberry pi 2 did not get paid for 11 days more than once now ... so now I am going to move it to vultr :( It kept "dropping off the payment list" several times a day for several minutes and I dont know why.
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    dashman - linux masternode mangement made mootastic

    Hello moocowmoo, I like your dashman script, just successfully updated one of my masternodes with it. I set up another server, also with dashman, and for some reason it does not seem to start dashd at all. I can't find out why. Do you have any idea? user@vultr:~/dashman$ ./dashman status...
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    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    This masternode on my raspberry pi 2 has not been getting paid regularly at all recently. In the beginning it did get paid as often as my other node on vultr. The last 30 days however 3.9 DASH /2 payments only as opposed to the node on vultr that got paid 9.7 DASH /5 payments in the last...