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    Bringing Dash to India

    It is a bargain and very much needed. I like the fact that you cooperate with Dash Africa and Blake as well
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    Pre-Proposal: Two Conferences In Tunisia

    They officialy stated and gave thanks for reciving funds, so what you are claiming is a misunderstanding. They are honest and genuine. Please have trust and faith in our new community members. That is very important.
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    The Biggest Proposal In Middle East & North Africa

    Hi guys, good energy, I must remind you that facebook does not allow crypto ads anymore? So just remove that part. Also if you can find other channels in addition to youtube it would be good. You could also put out some videos on channels like d.tube or something like that? I would look...
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    I agree with the aim of this proposal taking into account the previous comments from djcrypto,stealth923 and theSingleton. Onboarding merchants and new users is key as well as using existing tools to facilitate this process. @DavidHay I beleive the dash team will continue to develop tools for...
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    Proposal - DASH HBCU CAMPUS TOUR 2018

    I like the idea, is there a detailed budget specification for the requested amount?
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    God no, horribly written proposal with tons of text, like a bad ad, horrible format. yuck. Stay away
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    ALL ABOUT DASH Resource channel for Latin American audience

    Deus, eu amo de vocês! Good luck from brazil. You got my votes for sure.
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    Pre-Proposal Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF)

    Yo gosto isso mucho! Si claro! Parabens :) Good luck! I love this proposal, it is very much needed in venezuela right now!
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    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    Should we have a SUB-DAO that simpley takes all the leftovers from each months budget and actively searches for tasks/projects to do.. kind of like the core-team .. with trusted members accessing the funds like a multi-sig escrow. Right now as said earlier the model that we have is very...
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    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    Yes exactly, I think firstly a one MN pointing to another MN could be a start as a delegate power, then perhaps even a tree model so that delegation can happen in several layers i.e. forwarding of votes ALICE[11]->BOB[1]->JANE[1] gives JANE 11+1+1 =13 votes representing both ALICE BOB and...
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    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    I read the pdf in https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/additional-network-layers-and-governance-v3.19766/ and it looks great in terms of presentation layer and new interface for proposals. Regarding the delegation model I had in mind is simply the ability to delegate your votes to another...
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    DASH scavanger hunt (guerilla marketing)

    I like it go for it! Great idea in my opinion.. how would it be announced ? Facebook ads? youtube ads? (locally to that city if possible?)..
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    (Pre-Proposal) Buy & Sell from within ALL DASH WALLETS

    I am thinking evolution.. and babygiraffes comment .. not sure about this one
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    Dash to Bank the Unbanked

    I think this is an amazing proposal. In fact I was thinking in the same lines before to do something like this. you will get my vote for sure on a proposal (if the economy is reasonable)