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    Transform PR project closure report

    Thanks for a well written summary of the project activities and outcomes. Sounds like all-in-all it was very worthwhile.
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    New “Getting Started” Section for Newcomers

    That is great. So glad to be seeing some outreach for regular folk rather than just more techfest.
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    Official Newcomer Introductory Video Release

    I was somewhat concerned that the extraordinary build-up and long wait for the release of this video could have created too high expectations and it would be a let down when it was finally finished. But I'm glad to see that it's lived up to the expectations of providing a succinct and simple...
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    V12 Release

    Congratulations. All that hard work!
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    DASH Strategy Update

    GreyGhost both of your posts are truly excellent and I can see you've taken considerable time and thought with the ideas. I agree totally with you that the notions of "mass adoption" really are pie in the sky at this early stage. We've seen so many conversations here and on BCT about the...
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    DASH Strategy Update

    That's a good update Evan, Thank you. Like GreyGhost has mentioned above, I too am somewhat dubious of what a 'media campaign' might entail (i.e. how orderly, effective and appropriate it will be). I think this is the one area we've not done terribly well with. Dash should be far more widely...
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Outstanding Evan! So much work I can see has been done. Re this: Does this mean a proposal only needs to have a 10% of MN's voting Yea to get up and start being paid, or are you saying that only 10% of MNs need to vote and within that 10% as long as there is more than 50% 'Yea' (so more than...
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    Decentralized Budgeting Results

    Nicht sicher, was ich angefangen habe . Ich weiß nicht einmal sprechen Deutsch ! (Not sure what I've started. I don't even speak German!)
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    Vote: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Thanks for your reply Solarminer. Yes I agree the situation's not the same when considering masternode voters of a game-changing digital currency versus the general public; they're worlds away from each other really. But the apathy thing will still be an issue. I think your idea on withholding...
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    Vote: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Hello everyone I'm sorry to be putting forward a less-than-flattering commentary on this whole process of voting via our MNs but, as theoretically pure and balanced as it is, I can't see this working. In many democracies around the world, when there's a referendum on some critical issue that...
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    Vote: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    I don't. This is not a FinCEN area of jurisdiction as Dash isn't 'money' per se. And there's been no issuing of stock/equities. While, of course, all that may change in the future, at the moment, I don't believe what's being proferred here contains anything that would be cause for concern...
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    Announcing the Project Management and Delivery Excellence Initiative

    Yes coingun. And what good posts they are too (I just reread them)! There are many intelligent people here in this community. I think when people spend time articulating issues and putting forward ideas on how we could think about those issues to achieve an improvement, it does "get in" to...
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    Announcing the Project Management and Delivery Excellence Initiative

    Hallelujah! This is SOOOO what I've been wanting to hear. Having worked in IT for many years on large scale projects with teams spread across widely dispersed geographical areas and specialist domains of knowledge, initiatives like DASH absolutely need advanced collaboration methods like Scrum...
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    Dashpay.io Goes Multilingual

    That looks like an incredibly comprehensive piece of work Fernando. Tremendous! Congratulations to you and the other team members involved in these translations. This reminds me of similar programs I've been involved in at software companies I've worked for or been associated with. It will help...
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    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Quite a brilliant plan Evan, with the potential to transform the entire way we think about decision making and organisational management. One area that I'm keen to hear yours and other people's views on, is how an approach like this will handle the fact that, unlike say elections of politicians...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    My MN is at 5 days 10 hours so I just did the very same thing (sort on 'last paid') and was surprised to see there are so many more above me with longer periods where they haven't been paid. Evan, I know we're still in beta but (and I'd expect quite a few people are feeling this way) I'm...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    At huge risk to my own mental well-being I'll attempt to respond to you camosoul. I think you've spent far too much time talking to yourself and seeing/thinking-of nothing but stupidity in your fellow man to have a reasonable handle on how technological and economic revolution works "The smart...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Oh Camo, gosh I've missed your rants! It's just not the same over on BCT without you! I can just imagine you presenting your "marketing" plan to a fortune 500 company for some mainstream product they sell: "Hey you!. Yes you. Regular clueless fucktard person. You haven't got a fucking clue...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    That's very good to know Flare!